Your Mouthwash May Be Linked To Cancer. Here Is How You Can Make Cancer-Free Homemade Mouthwash!

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There’s mounting evidence that commercial mouthwash brands contain dangerous chemicals, some of which have actually been linked to oral cancer.

According to new research carried out by the Leibniz Institute for Prevention Research, the alcohol found in most mouthwash formulas can increase the risk of oral cancer. Now, these results may not be definite, but they are still a stern warning of taking extra caution when using mouthwash formulas.

Although it has been known for a while that store-bought mouthwash packs more than what you’re paying for (this includes a list of toxic chemicals), the consumers have remained unaware of the dangers of this common product for personal hygiene. In reality, most mouthwash brands contain toxic substances, such as formaldehyde and alcohol, which can trigger a number of health complications. In addition, in the pursuit of high profit, large manufacturers use cheap, toxic ingredients in their products.

Your Mouthwash May Be Linked to Cancer. Here is How You Can Make Cancer-Free Homemade Mouthwash!

According to the Dental Journal of Australia, chemical-laden mouthwash products containing alcohol can trigger the onset of mouth, tongue and throat cancers.

Moreover, many mouthwash brands also contain fluoride, which although beneficial against cavities, can be extremely harmful for the body. In fact, it’s a known carcinogen and excessive fluoride intake can also cause neurological problems. No wonder there’s been a lot of debate on fluoride levels in municipal tap water.

But, formaldehyde is by far the most dangerous ingredient used in mouthwash products. This chemical is normally used in the production of household cleaners and glue, meaning it must never be ingested. In fact, it has been labeled a “probable human carcinogen” by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Research has linked long-term exposure to formaldehyde to several types of cancer, including leukemia.

This is why numerous health experts strongly advise against the use of commercial mouthwash. On the other hand, homemade mouthwash is much safer to use and is more beneficial in the long run. Plus, it’s quite simple to make.

Start by getting a container, such as a mason jar, but you can also use any type of glass jar or bottle.

What you need:

  • 1 tsp. xylitol crystals
  • 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 2 drops of wild orange essential oil
  • 2 tsps. calcium carbonate powder
  • 10 drops of trace mineral liquid
  • 2 cups of filtered water
  • 10 drops of peppermint essential oil

To blend the ingredients well, boil the water first then add the herbs. Leave it for 20 minutes, then strain and bottle it.

You can also include spearmint, goldenseal and raw honey.

Make sure you shake the bottle/jar every time before using it as the powder will settle at the bottom. Swish a couple of teaspoons of your homemade mouthwash in your mouth, but avoid swallowing when you gargle.

There are several advantages to homemade mouthwash. First of all, it’s costs less than store-bought products. Next, it doesn’t contain any alcohol or toxic substances. Last, but not least, it provides the same protection against mouth bacteria as commercial versions.

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