Mosquitoes have been ruining my summer. Then I found this trick to get rid of mosquitoes


Everyone on this planet (maybe except for those living in one or two blessed places) have the problem of mosquitoes. These little pesky fly like insects are known to suck your blood and soul and giving you deadly diseases like malaria, dengue and other such diseases. Apart from that, they are generally a nuisance wherever they are found. They cause us to close up our homes or cover them in nets so that we don’t have to deal with the clapping to kill them.mosquitoes

Though there are many forms of mosquito repellents available in the market in forms of creams, tubes, sprays and lotions, but the problem with them is that not all work as effectively as they promise or have the long lasting effect to give us a peaceful sleep. But we have brought to you a product that you use normally, but would not have thought of using as mosquito repellent and we have a video for you too. Check out to know how to get rid of mosquitoes easily!!

Those pesky little Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the major causes of death in mankind’s history. And in summers you can find them coming out of their hibernation period to make life hell for us humans again. Most of the times we tend to use nets, coils and repellents in order to keep them away from us. You can find them everywhere, from garden to home to bathroom and even in the office as well. People think and devote lots of time and effort and money to stay safe from these spawns of Satan, which cause malaria and other deadly diseases.

But you might have overlooked a very simple and cost effective way of having a well rested and dreamy sleep without having a net over you or smelling the smoke of coil or spraying repellent.

Video: how to save yourself from mosquitoes easily

The product that has been talked about is the simple vicks vaporub. Yes that pungent smelling ointment that your mom used to put on your chest and nose when you had a stuffy nose and couldn’t breathe properly, thanks to getting soaked in rain or eating too much ice cream. Most of the other methods to stay away from mosquitoes are either expensive or have short lasting effects.

But vaporub has menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil extract in it and for some heavenly reason, mosquitoes hate the combination of that smell and do not come near that. So if you want to sleep peacefully, just apply a good amount of vaporub on your exposed parts like feet, hands etc and sleep peacefully.