Moringa – Tree Of Life From Himalayas’ Foothills


Moringa, a tree which lives for almost twenty years subject to the healthy environment. It has plenty of advantages and people usually avoid cutting the entire tree. They pick its fruits and leaves to get health benefits. The best thing about this tree is the utilization and properties. Each and every part of the tree can give one advantage or the other. It means that its flowers, fruits, leaves, roots and seeds are full of nutritional facts. Surprisingly, its history goes back to a thousand-year where it was used as a herb. However, in the year 1940, people got to know its worth. Scientists in India researched and found out that it has abundance of antibacterial qualities. You will be amazed to know that Moringa tree has more than 45 antioxidants, 90 plus nutritional facts and figures. It also can be the treatment for more than three hundred diseases and medical conditions.



This tree, Moringa has multiple advantages which are listed below:

  • Immunity, a must to have in healthy body is improved by having Moringa fruit or leaves.
  • Blood flow and stream is significantly enhanced and improved.
  • Blood sugar is also balanced by utilizing any part of the Moringa tree.
  • Mental illnesses are reduced. By having fruits or leaves in any form, you will have less risk to get any mental ailment.
  • Properties in which you can heal inflammation is present in this tree.
  • By using its mask and having it the way you like, it will work as an anti-aging tool.
  • Boosted energy which can help you in better work outs is another benefit of Moringa tree.
  • Cancer’s risk is reduced by the help of Moringa tree; fruits, leaves, roots or even its drink.
  • It washes and cleanses liver.
  • If you want to clean water, just crack open the seed and it will miraculously tidy the contaminated water. It cleanses water from clay and bacteria.


If you want to get full nutrients of this tree, you must rely on the leaves. They have main and primary nutrients. In a handful of Moringa leaves you will find following nutrients:

  • 71 percent of iron dose per day.
  • 125 percent of calcium dose per day.
  • 172 percent of vitamin A dose per day.
  • 41 percent of potassium dose per day.
  • 22 percent of vitamin C dose per day.
  • 61 percent of magnesium dose per day.


The fact remains intact that there is nothing which can match the properties of Moringa. It doesn’t only improves health and progress it towards betterment but also has an amazing combination of nutrients.

Baby fruits of Moringa tree are of much use and are extremely valued. You can cook it the way peas are cooked. The ripened fruits of Moringa are usually eaten after frying which actually tastes somewhat like peanuts. Forty percent of oily ingredients are taken out of Moringa fruits and are used in making cooking oil. Moringa oil is also called Ben oil. It is somewhat like olive oil. Leaves of Moringa are not wasted because they hold enough nutrients and are used in making salad. The peel of fruits can be rubbed on skin as a natural sunscreen.

All in all, the tree has potential to take care of many things because of the nutrients.