Miracle Diet: Lose 9 Pounds In Three Days!


Lose the extra weight with this healthy and energetic diet.

Miracle Diet Lose 9 Pounds In Three Days!

Forget the hunger, fatigue and exhaustion and get energized with this diet. This is a quick diet with yoghurt that is not only healthy but also promotes digestion. In just three days you will achieve more than excellent results.

First day

– Breakfast: low fat yogurt with cereal of your choice

– Lunch: boiled vegetables with rice and olive oil. Add spices to taste, and for dessert, eat a light fruit yogurt

– Dinner: make a salad from one carrot, apple and 50 grams of ham, all slightly fried in olive oil and when you remove it from the heat, add one low fat yogurt.

The second day

– Breakfast: salad of cucumber with probiotic yoghurt

– Lunch: fry a turkey in olive oil, then add the peppers, tomato and finely chopped mushrooms. When cool, add yogurt.

– Dinner: yogurt with berries, our recommendation is that you make yourself this meal of low fat yogurt and chopped fruit.

The third day

– Breakfast: in yogurt add a grated apple, a smaller amount of cheese, cinnamon and slightly salt to taste.

– Lunch: 150 grams of fillet of hake fry, then add the cucumber salad and yogurt, with a little mustard.

– Dinner: 100 grams of pasta, add the egg and finely chopped peppers and eventually mix with low-fat yogurt.