Milk Keeps Memory And Heart In Ideal Condition


All of us are aware of the benefits that our organism have of milk intake.  Milk contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, iodine and calcium. It has irreplaceable role, and should be consumed daily. Nutritionists claim that milk is the key to good health. We all know how important is milk in children`s diet. Children between one to two years should drink milk because they need extra energy. Milk is irreplaceable ingredient in children’s diet.

Scientists proved that milk and dairy products keeps the memory and the heart in good shape.

Those who regularly drink milk have up to five times better performance on tests of memory, and that drink as other dairy products is very beneficial for the brain.

People who regularly drink milk and eat dairy products like yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc. have better memory, reports “Daily Mail”. The brain of people who eat five to six  dairy meals a day  ( This includes drinking milk or yogurt ) works faster and better , and the risk of dementia in old age is drastically smaller , concluded researchers at the University Maine.Milk Keeps Memory And Heart

The survey is conducted on one thousand respondents aged 23 years and thousands of people aged 23 to 98 years. According to some studies, people who rarely eat dairy products have up to five times worse. The benefits of dairy products in the brain are obvious, and there is nothing better than to start the day with a glass of milk, say experts.

They believe that magnesium, a key ingredient of dairy products, protects brain cells from dying, and moderate consumption of dairy products keep the heart of disease, but also maintain the normal pressure level.