Milia refer to a common skin condition marked by a group of small, white, hard, keratin-filled cysts, which form under the skin. They normally occur when keratin, a protein found in the tissues of the skin cells, hair and nails, becomes trapped below the skin surface. These cysts typically measure 1-2mm in diameter and normally appear on the area around the nose, eyes and cheeks. But, they can occur on other body parts too.

Milia are predominant in newborn babies, but they can also affect people of all ages. They normally disappear within a few weeks. Although not harmful, milia are an unpleasant cosmetic issue for most people, mostly because they resemble pimples. Here we recommend 3 alternative methods to get rid of milia in a completely natural way.


3 alternative methods to remove the small skin cysts from your skin:

Method 1#

This method includes using the comedone extractor to take the milia out through the small opening. If using this method, it’s important to be very gentle. After you’ve made a tiny opening on the cyst, pull it out with tweezers. Finish with your regular skincare routine.

Method 2#

For this method you need a sharp needle, very pointed tweezers because flat-ended tweezers won’t do, and/or a comedone extractor. Start by cleaning your face thoroughly with some gentle and water-soluble cleanser and a washcloth or a cleaning brush. Wash it off with lukewarm water then dry your skin completely before starting the milia extraction process. Be cautious to disinfect the needle, tweezers, and comedone extractor with alcohol before you start in order to prevent possible infections.

Method 3#

Start by making a very tiny opening on top of the milia or very near it using a needle or tweezers. This will make the milia easily accessible.