Meat Glue, The Meat Industries Dirty Little Secret


Worried about ammonia, Chlorine gas, pink slime and antibiotics? Well we have to worry about meat glue as well. Yes meat glue!

Meat Glue:

Known as transglutaminase, it’s an enzyme. Meat glue is produced from the blood plasma of cows and pigs. These are also produced by the cultivation of bacteria.

The specialty of meat glue is that when it is sprinkled over beef or any other protein, it forms insoluble protein polymers that are cross-linked. The protein polymers act like super glue and bind the pieces together with almost invisible seams. This meat covered with glue is put rolled into a plastic film and then refrigerated. Some of the manufacturers have become such experts in this process that even butchers with years of experience cannot tell if the piece is primeor it is glued together with pieces of scraps.


Meat Glue is not only Unethical but Potentially Dangerous as well:

First, the consumers are misled to believe that they are buying prime cut meat. When in fact the consumers are paying a good price for the bits and pieces of scraps which are glued-together.

Other than being a pure scam, there is a possibility of getting food poisoning from such meat.

According to a report, meat glued steaks have hundred-times more bacterial contamination than a solid piece of steak.

So, if you cook your steak the healthiest way, there won’t be risk of you contracting food poisoning.

In case of an outbreak, it is difficult to discern the actual source of contamination. This is because the chunks of meat are combined together.

Reportedly there is a wide use of meat glue in the dining industry. Mostly it used when a large quantity of filet mignon are served. So whenever you find Surf and Turf being served at a very low price, you will know that it is probably because of glued pieces of meat scraps.

Source:Healthy Holistic Living