Mans Entire Body Flooded With Worms After Eating Sushi


We are sure that you enjoy a sushi serving once in a while. The spicy tuna roll, sashimi, or salmon skin Yummy Yummy roll are probably some of your favorites. This may not be the best thing to hear, but the love that this man had for this delicacy left his entire body flooded with parasitic tape worms.

The Chinese man went to consult with his doctor about a severe stomach ache and itchy skin,and the full body scan revealed the horrifying cause – an infection that had spread through his whole body.Mans entire body Flooded with worms after eating Sushi

A worm called Diphyllobothrium is containedin all types of fish. This type of worm  causes a disease known under the name of Diphyllobothriasis and it usually occurs upon a consumption of undercooked or raw fish.

The first notable symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal discomfort or pain, weightloss and weakness. And, of course, the disease can be fatal if the worms make it to the brain. Once theinfection enters the body, the tape worms start growing, and can survive in the body for several years.

What is even more terrifying, is the fact that this type of worms can stay undetected for several weeks or even months.

Many studies have shown that the consumption of undercooked or raw fish can often cause different parasitic infections, and some of the studies found that sometimes even cooked fish can cause a parasitic infection within the body.

The ingestion of the diphyllobothrium larvae causes tapeworm infections, and this larvae can be found in freshwater fish such as salmon, although there is scientific evidence that even smoked and marinated fish can transmit the worm.

If you by any chance get the infection, the medicine has many solutions to offer. The standard conventional treatment for diphyllobothriasis and other similar tapeworm infections includes a single dose of Praziquantel, 5–10 mg/kg PO once, and it is the same for both adults and children.

An alternative treatment is also used bydoctors– Niclosamide, 2 grams PO a single dose for adults or 1 gram PO a single dose for children. But, you should be aware that the FDA hasn’t approved the use of Praziquantel for this sign and the second treatment, Niclosamide is not yet available for human use in the US.

Medicine offers another diagnostic tool and treatment as well, Gastrografin. Once it is introduced into the duodenum, Gastrografin allows both visualization of the parasite, and in some cases it can also cause detachment and passing of the worm

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