Make a Pillow of THIS Herb and Cure all Types of Back Pain


There are thousands species of ferns, among which bracken fern. Typically a moorland plant, bracken has a wide distribution throughout the world. It is normally harvested in fall.

The healing properties of ferns have been known since long ago, and in the past, this plant was commonly used for animal bedding. This old folk remedy relates to ancient times and uses bracken for pain relief in muscles and bones.

Make a Pillow of THIS Herb and Cure all Types of Back Pain

Bracken Pillow against All Kinds of Back Pain

To make a bracken pillow, remove dry bracken leaves from the stem, and use them to fill a pillowcase. Pillows filled with bracken leaves are the healthiest pillow you can get!

You just need to lie on the pillow and all pain will simply disappear. This pillow relieves cramps, joint pain, gout and rheumatism. If you place it under your bed sheets, the root of the bracken plant can eliminate pain in your calf muscles. When used in baths, bracken leaves and roots can cure gout, rheumatism, and even gangrene.

A pillow made of fresh bracken leaves can treat temporary hearing loss caused by common colds. In addition, this also clears foggy and itchy eyes and improves your vision. On the other hand, dry bracken leaves in shoes reduce fatigue and sweating in feet.

Moreover, low back pain will quickly disappear if you coat the painful area with fresh blacken leaves.

Fern-root-infused brandy is an excellent remedy for gout and rheumatism. Simply apply some of it on the painful spot and massage firmly.

Note: Bracken contains some highly toxic and possibly carcinogenic components. Therefore, be cautious not to ingest it.