How To Lose 20 Pounds In Just 7 Days!


In an effort to help their employees maintain stay in shape and maintain their overall health General Motors decided to try and devise a one week eating regimen based on healthy and diverse food. At the beginning a lot of people were suspicious about the amazing results this diet promised, but after a while and a number of success stories, the GM diet was born. People have managed to lose up to 20 pounds in just one week, which is pretty unbelievable. The best part about this diet is that there are no limitations; you can repeat it week after week until you’re satisfied with yourself. There are no unwanted side effects.

If you want to shed a few pounds, try it out and see for yourself how effective it is. Here’s the regimen in details.How To Lose 20 Pounds In Just 7 Days

1 day – Fruits

The first day can be a bit of a challenge but everything is difficult the first time your try it. After a while you’ll get used to it. The first day you can only eat fruits and nothing more. You can eat whatever fruit you like and as much as you like. The only forbidden fruit is the banana, everything else is allowed.

2 day – Vegetables

The second day is consisted of only veggies. Again, you can eat whatever you like and as much as you like. You can eat them raw or cooked; just don’t use any oil for cooking.

3 day – Fruits and Vegetables

The third day is a fruit and veggies combo day. The only forbidden products are bananas and potatoes, everything else is allowed in unlimited amounts.

4 day – Banana and Milk

This is my favorite day for sure; you get to eat bananas and milk. You need to eat at least 8 bananas on this day and drink at least 4 glasses of milk.

5 day – Rice and Tomatoes

The fifth day is again a combination, but this time you should combine rice and tomatoes, and it’s the only thing you can eat the entire day. You’re allowed to eat a bowl of rice and 8 tomatoes during the day. The high amount of tomatoes you’ll consume will increase the uric acid production, which is why you’ll need to drink plenty of water to restore the balance. It’s best if you eat the rice for lunch and divide the tomatoes throughout the day.

6 day – Rice and Vegetables

Day 6 is a lot like day 2 but you get to eat rice for lunch in addition to the vegetables. You can eat as much vegetables as you like throughout the day.

7 day – The grand finale

Again, you can eat one cup of rice for lunch and as much veggies as you like during the day. You can also drink natural fruit juice to flush out the toxins easier.

During this regimen you should drink only water, at least 12 glasses a day. It may seem a lot but it’s the required amount so that your body can eliminate the toxins. If you’re not satisfied with the results after a week you can repeat it again and again until you reach your goal.