The Location of Body Acne Can Reveal Health Problems


The Location of Body Acne Can Reveal Health Problems
Acne on the lower part of the body or buttocks can occur as a result of wearing toot tight underwear or due to improper diet. First you need to get more comfortable underwear and if they do not disappear, than you will have to make change in your diet.

#2 Zone 1


Acne on the jaw and neck can be a sign of an overactive adrenal glands, or excessive sugar intake.

#3 Zones 2 & 3

Acne in the area around the shoulders may occur as a result of stress.


#4 Zone 4


Acne in this zone may indicate some digestive problems. Also, drinking too many cold beverages may be the cause of acne in this area.

#5 Zone 5 & 6


Acne that appear in this area may be a symptom of keratosis polaris caused by poor circulation or by an overproduction of dead cells. Also, it may be a sign of inefficient use of body vitamins.

#6 Zone 7


Acne in zone 7 indicate blood sugar imbalance.

#7 Zone 9 & 10


Acne on your tights may be a symptom of some allergy to soap or lotion.

#8 Zone 11 & 12


These are the most common zones in which acne appear and it is caused by nervous digestive system or any other health issue. It is recommended that you visit your dermatologist for this type of acne.