Lemon and Baking Soda: A Miraculous Combination


According to numerous studies, lemon juice and baking soda are the new super powerful combination due to its ability to attack and destroy cancer cells.

One of the largest drug manufacturers confirmed that lemon destroys carcinogenic cells in 12 types of cancers based on the results from 20 laboratory studies conducted since 1970 they. The findings also revealed that lemon, a powerful citrus fruit, prevents the division of cancerous cells and is 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy, including drugs like Adriamycin.


Health Benefits of Lemon and Baking Soda

It Can Cure Cancer

Extensive research has confirmed that consuming citrus fruits, especially lemons, can prevented and even cure cancer. Mixing lemon and baking soda is even more beneficial as baking soda can normalize the pH of the body thus inhibiting the cancer from spreading.

Although sometimes effective, chemotherapy has a major drawback and that’s it also destroys healthy cells along with cancerous ones. The combination of lemon juice and baking soda, however only kills the cancer cells, while leaving the healthy cells intact.

People suffering from this serious disease are advised to drink two teaspoons of lemon juice with half a teaspoon of baking soda before breakfast, preferably on an empty stomach. It’s also important to use organic lemons as these are 100 times more effective than lemons grown with chemical fertilizers.

Apart from its powerful anticancer properties, lemon is also extremely effective in treatment of cysts and tumors.

It Has Strong Antimicrobial Effect

The strong antimicrobial effect of lemons is due to the high content of vitamin C, which has a wide range of activity against bacterial and fungal infections.

Moreover, it can treat internal parasites and worms successfully and regulate blood pressure levels. Plus, it’s a powerful antidepressant, which effectively reduces stress.

Source: HealthierWayofLife