Learn About The Seven Worst Habits After Eating


It is a very difficult thing to change a habit of yours that has been repeating for years and years. That comes to a stop on people who try to keep their body slim but can’t get rid of some habits that are hindering their plan. Here are seven of the worst habits people do after eating and they are the main reason to why their body is still not slim. Read and find out:


1.A Puff After Your Meal

Researchers have warned many smokers to not make “a cigarette after every meal” a habit. Every single cigarette you smoke after your meal is counted as 10 in your body. That is because your digestive system is very active and in that way the nicotine binds itself to your blood oxygen.

2.After Meal Fruit

If you eat fruit right after your meal there is a big possibility that it remains in your stomach and cause gases, build-up of toxins and might even decay there. These things are a boost to the formation of cellulite. It is best that you consume fruit on an empty stomach of yours.


Some cultures say that tea is a good digestive but actually it isn’t. It helps in slowing down your digestion greatly and that is terrible for many people. Anemic people in particular should not drink tea after their meal with minimum 1 hour.


It is not at all recommended to jump in water after a huge tuck-in. Water usually improves the bodily blood flow but right after eating all the blood goes to your belly where all the digestion is taking place. The sudden temperamental change in your body is harmful.


Exercises of all sorts are warned against after you have eaten. Especially waist exercise! Waist exercise may lead to the entanglement of your intestines and delay in your digestion. It can also work in the opposite way if you do it right after a meal.

6.Physical Activity

As everyone may think that motion and activity is healthy after eating, it is not! The truth is very different. Any psychical activity after a meal can block your digestive system and stop it from absorbing all the nutrients. You can go for a nice and slow walk after a meal. Nothing faster!


Yet another myth that many people follow! When you fall asleep your body and all its systems sleeps with you. Resulting in your food not getting digested! Even a sleep-like position is warned against for it is harmful for your gastric and digestive juices. These 2 types of juices are the sole things used in breaking down your food.

Source: Healthy Food House