Knowing The Symptoms Of a Stroke Could Save Your Life


Stroke occurs suddenly, without warning, but with clear symptoms. Therefore, it is important to recognize them in time, because this is the most important act in the first three hours of a stroke, according to Evening News.

The brain is the organ that commands all man’s functions, and depending on the blockage of the blood vessel or the area of brain damage, depending on the symptomatology of the disease.

According to a recent study, the most frequent occurrences are the paralysis of the right or the left half of the body (face, arms and legs), inability to speak, pronouncing or understanding speech or both, numbness in half of the body, uncertainity and serious drift in the fly, vision, double vision, confusion or even difficult, until then unknown headache.Knowing The Symptoms Of a Stroke Could Save Your Life

– These symptoms begin suddenly and it is necessary that the person feelingthat is feeling these symptoms to call the Emergency Department immediately. They will take over for further treatment.

It was explained in the studythat depending on the type of stroke, there are ways to cure it, but only if it is discovered in the first three hours of the onset of symptoms.

The most important thing is that, if the patient cannot smile, say a simple sentence, stick his tongue flat or raise his hands, an ambulance must be called as soon as possible.

The stroke happens as a result of damage to the blood vessels that supply the brain cells caused by the blockage of a blood vessel causing a brain infarction or cracking brittle and diseased blood vesselswhen a cerebral hemorrhage occurs.

About 85 percent of all strokes occur due to blockage of blood vessels, and only about 15 percent are hemorrhagic strokes, the so-called “brain hemorrhage”.