This Juice Worked Wonders For Gray Hair Long Before Hair Dyes Were Invented


Graying hair is an inevitable part of aging. It equally affects both sexes; however, it’s more of a cosmetic issue for women.

Why does hair turn gray?

Gray hair is normally linked to decreased melanin secretion, which occurs with age. This makes hair lose its natural color and turn gray.

Melanin is the pigment secreted in the cells called melanocytes. When these cells become under-active or fewer, it leads to hair graying.

This Juice Worked Wonders For Gray Hair Long Before Hair Dyes Were Invented

Other factors that contribute to graying include:

1# Genetics

Genetics can cause early hair graying – some people start graying in their 20s. The thing is, genes regulate the pigmentation of all the hair follicles including the period of graying (baldness too).

2# Smoking

Smoking has been linked to an increased risk of graying. In fact, compared to non-smokers, smokers have 4 times the risk of turning gray.

3# Anemia

Anemia, B vitamin deficiency, thyroid issues and other medical conditions can also lead to graying.

4# Medications

Medications, which affect many bodily functions, are another major culprit for premature graying.

5# Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, a common ingredient in most commercial hair dyes, is a major reason for graying.

Natural Solutions for Graying Hair

  1. Onion Juice Mixed with Lemon Juice

Start by peeling and juicing the onions. You can use a food processor, a blender, a grater or a juicer for this. Apply the juice onto your scalp massaging gently. Let it act for at least 15 minutes or longer if you aren’t in a hurry. Rinse it off then wash your hair as usual.

Onion juice is rich in the enzyme catalase. People have used it for centuries as a topical treatment and home remedy for grey hair. Herbalists have been advising their patients to rub onions on their scalps so that they can cure grey hair long before any hair dyes were ever invented!

  1. Henna

Instead of using chemical-laden commercial dyes, opt for Henna, which is far more beneficial. Apply on your hair and scalp one hour before having a shower. This natural hair product not only restores hair color, but it also nourishes the hair follicles.