If You See This Plant Don’t Touch It – It Can Burn Your Skin and Blind You


There is a warning on social media for beautiful but dangerous plant. It can be the reason for partial or total blindness, or can cause serious skin damages.

First time this plant appeared in Hungary.

There is an alert on the social network that states:


“Pictures are frightening! As you can see, this plant began to spread in Hungary is very dangerous. With only touching the leaf you will feel pain. Pain is like burning and it is last for about 30 days and it can for good leave marks on the skin. It has beautiful white flower and it is growing about 2-5 meters in height.”

The toxin we can find in this plan can cause cancer. It can be reason for blindness if you touch it with your eye. Destroying the plan is very hard, so tray not to get in touch with it. If you are near the plant, don’t be cheated by the gorgeous white flower.

We read in scientific literature about the dangerousness of this plant.

The poison is really toxic and can cause photo dermatitis – when you exposed the skin to this plant and the sun, it can result to rashes and blister, and leave you with permanent marks or spots on the skin. It can also bring you temperature, on in extreme cases permanent blindness.

If you ever get in touch with this toxin, stay away from sunlight, wash it with cold water and contact your doctor.

Source: www.tophealthylife.com