If You Notice A Person With A Black Dot On The Palm Of Their Hands, You NEVER EVER….


The voice of victims of domestic violence needs to be heard and that is why the black dot campaign was started. The campaign encourages the victims to draw a black dot on the palm which will send a sign that the person is a victim of domestic violence and she /he needs help. Anyone who will notice this dot should try to help them. Very often, the victims of domestic violence cannot talk about their problem and the idea behind this dot is to give them another way to seek help and in the same time to avoid the risk from being exposed to even more severe violence and danger. Some people think that this is a helpful campaign other criticize it. Yet it is a good idea because every step towards helping the domestic victims is progress.

If You Notice A Person With A Black Dot On The Palm Of Their Hands, You NEVER EVER….
The domestic violence statistics is shocking. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) confirmed that one in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have suffered from some form of domestic violence by their partner. Every year more than 10 million of people are abused. Only in USA every nine seconds a woman is assaulted or beaten, approximately 20 people every minute are physically abused by their partner. Most of the time, the victims find it difficult to stop the violence by themselves. This happens due to the fact that the abuser is watching their every step and that is why they cannot ask for help. Abusers often control the victim with emotional, financial and mental abuse as well in order to gain and maintain control.  The victims find it difficult to speak as they cannot find their voice and are extremely afraid.

That is why this campaign was started. The victim really needs help and support from everyone who can help and people should be more aware about this problem. After 24 hours since the campaign has started, 6 women were helped- say the organizers. It continued and millions of people were included. Many men, women and children were saved. So, if you ever see a person with a back dot on the palm, call police immediately because the person needs help and is afraid.
**Word of caution- Many who disagree with the campaign claim that some people are drawing black dots even when they are not in real and immediate danger. Many people who were victims of domestic violence draw black dots on their palm and uploaded picture on the social networks in order to support and encourage the other victims. But in this way they are confusing people so instead of drawing black dots, they should write “Say no to domestic violence” in order to avoid confusion.

Source: http://www.healthadvisorgroup.com