If You Are Smoking, You Need To Know This: A Cigarette Combined With These Ingredients Is – DEADLY!


There are several situations in which the smokers like smoking cigarettes. However, cigarette in these combinations is fatal.

If You Are Smoking, You Need To Know This A Cigarette Combined With These Ingredients Is - DEADLY!

Favorite combination of most smokers is lighting a cigarettes first thing in the morning with black coffee. However, this is also the most dangerous combination, warn doctors, and here’s why.

“Caffeine multiplies the toxins from tobacco which is why this is a very bad combination, and is also the most popular. It would be best to start your morning with a tea or cocoa drink, “the doctors say it is the other negative side of the first morning cigarette fact that your stomach is empty. In fact, when you light a cigarette and you are hungry, it may cause nausea and dizziness, and this also leads to a loss of appetite, which is why very often people skip breakfast – which is very unhealthy, warn nutritionists.

However, you should not smoke immediately after a meal. Studies have shown that this one cigarette after lunch has an effect on the body as if you smoked half a pack.

Another very toxic combination are cigarettes and alcohol because alcohol just destroys cell membranes and accelerates the entry of toxins in the very cell.

What you can do is light a cigarette an hour after a meal and prior to that you should rinse your mouth with warm water. This trick will cleanse your lungs, but also reduce the desire for a cigarette.