How To Use Himalayan Salts To Improve Air Quality, Remove Headaches, and Sleep Better Tonight


Indeed, Himalayan salt can be called a wonderful gift of nature that has a lot of uses. The pink Himalayan salt has been many people’s favorite over the years because of the tremendous health benefits it can provide. For example, it helps lower blood pressure and also encourages smooth digestion. But that is not all Himalayan salts are useful for.

The salt comes from the Himalayan Mountains, mined by hand and made available to people all over the world. The salt is in different forms, we have the edible form which contains very little sodium, even less sodium than table salt. However, it is the non-edible form that is the subject of our discussion today.


Put on the Lights

There is this vitality and freshness we get when we are enveloped by nature in locations such as a waterfall. Rushing waves at the waterfront also gives the same feeling and I suspect we would also feel that way if we could fly.

Scientifically, the high we get when we visit these pleasant places is simply as a result of negative ions.

Nature produces negative ions and we could mimic this ion in the walls of our living space with the help of Himalayan salt. Lamps made of Himalayan salt can help transform a room chemically and physically. It transforms it not just with beautiful colours but also provides all the health benefits that come with it.

Stay Positive

The world around us is an interesting mix of both positive and negative ions. Ions are charged molecules in our air which we are not able to see with our eyes. The positive ions are often referred to as electronic smog but it is not as nice as it sound, on the contrary, it can actually be harmful to our mental health. The positive charge of this ions is gotten from sources like the TVs, computers, phones, microwaves, and other electronic waves that move through the air.

According to the world health organization, electronic smog is “one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences”. WHO also advise that we should pay more attention to the health concerns that arises from electronic smog. It has been revealed that our brains get bombarded with up to 20 times the amount of frequencies we should be exposed to. The end result of this bombardment include health concerns like insomnia, allergies, nerve disorders, mental health issues, etc. There could be a lot more health concerns that will be known only when more research is conducted.

Positive ions probably would have been a good thing if it wasn’t produced so much by everything around us. This is a trend closely related to the advancement in technology. And when we have excessive positive ions, we have found a good way to neutralize this charge by producing negative ions.

The Positivity of Negative Ions

Ions with the negative charge are created when a molecules gains an electron. The negatively charged molecules attach themselves to destructive things like mold and dust, as well as other irritants and allergens. When the negative ions combine with natural pollutants like this, the pollutants lose their destructive nature when they are neutralized by the negative charge attached to them.

Negative irons are most abundant in nature locations like the forest, beach, and especially at waterfalls. These ions seem to aid the flow of oxygen to our brains thereby increasing our energy level and mental alertness. But how can we enjoy these advantages without having huge waterfalls in our house?

The answer seems to be in things we can get which will supply the negative ions we need. This will counteract the effect of the many things we buy that fills our home with positive ions. This includes TVs, routers and microwaves. So what can we buy to supply this much needed negative ions?

Himalayan Salt Lamps, Of Course

Himalayan salt Lamp has been referred to by some as “Vitamins of the Air”. The salt is sourced from oceans which are centuries old. The lamp contains this salt and a bulb which supplies light and also an atmosphere filled with negative ions, thereby giving us the balance we need.

The crystal in the lamp gets heated by the bulb which makes it emit negative ions. Being hygroscopic, the salt attracts water from the air; this is why your lamp may seem wet or damp if you live in humid environment. The water attracted by the salt is almost immediately evaporated by the heat of the bulb thereby emitting negative ions.

Search and Destroy

The negative ions produced are always eager to bind themselves to positive ions. Opposite charges attract, neutralizing themselves. This is what negative ions are known for; making positive ions lose their positivity. This may not sound too good but its actually what we need to happen in other to stay healthy. Himalayan salt lamps do this effective, they attach themselves to unneeded positive ions present in bacteria, allergens and mold. This is why they are so effective at handling electronic smog in homes.

When your room is ionized, you feel a lot better; charged and invigorated. You should have a lot less micro waves moving around your house which allows you to relax and feel good. The lamp also gives a warm glow that has a similar soothing effect.


What Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Do

_They make the room ionized

-Creates a balance by neutralizing frequencies and electromagnetic waves that are artificial and absent in nature but produced from electronics.


-Creates a soothing feeling through a rainbow-spectrum of light waves

Health Benefits

Many have reported that they begin to feel the health benefits of the Himalayan salt lamps just after turning them on. The positive effects of the lamp include:

  • Helps with Headaches or migraines
  • Helps with Arthritis
  • Helps with Respiratory problems and colds
  • Helps to manage Mental and stress-related disorders (including insomnia)
  • Manages disorders in the Blood system

The lamps are also good for managing allergies and skin-conditions because they remove toxins from the air.

The Himalayan salt lamp can help you relax, meditate, cope with health conditions and breathe in better air quality. It is recommended that you put the lamp that part of your house where you will be most exposed to it.


The effects of the lamps are a lot more pronounced when you put them you place them as close to you as possible. This shouldn’t be difficult to do because they actually look good and should fit in with your decoration. It may even stand out as that interesting thing that will intrigue your visitors. It might even be better to place it in that part of your house where you have so many electronics, so that it will help clear the electronic smog.

Just like plant, you can hardly have too much of this lamps. You should have one in your bedroom and another in your sitting room or anywhere you spend more time. Alternatively, you could just get enough lamps to fill all the rooms in your house including your foyer, entrance or vestibule.

Before The Light Goes Out


In conclusion, you should make sure you get the original lamp which is made with real Himalayan salt. You need to pay attention to the origin so you won’t buy one of the many imitations in the market. The salt in it should be food-grade Himalayan salt and not just rock salt that may give no benefit at all.