How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

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  1. Ferdie Legaspu says:

    What is best to use for hair growth? Coconut oil or coconut milk?

    1. Anne-Marie says:

      coconut oil, Ferdie!

  2. chris says:

    How often should this be done? Are you JUST putting on the scalp or throughout the hair?

    1. Anne-Marie says:

      twice a week is probably enough, massage into the scalp and then through your hair.

  3. Felix leloup says:

    i put it in my hair and go outside all the day . I put water in my hair too with it .

    1. maria mikolanda says:

      What do you mean by washing your hair properly vs improperly after using coconut oil? Thanks for the great tip.

    2. Anne-Marie says:

      overnight is good too.

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