How To Stop A Migraine Instantly With Salt

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  1. omri albert ramirez says:

    where can i buy a himalayan salt?

    1. Vicki says:

      Himalayan Salt is usually Larger pink crystals found
      in specialty Grocery stores, if you have a store with a BULK section it will cost less to get it that way instead of prepackaged.

  2. tim burrows says:

    please do be aware, the shock of an extreme salt mixture on your stomach can actually kill you, do please be careful !

  3. Nancy says:

    Is this an 8 oz glass of water? How much salt and lemon should be added? Is this an every day drink or just when the migraine hits?
    Thank you in advance.

  4. Spicey5 says:

    Salt water makes my tummy run.
    Please supply measured amount of salt and lemon juice.

  5. lisa says:

    hmmmmm can these instructions be any more vague? How about some measurements or at least an idea of ratio of salt to lemon juice…do we mix it with water…wash it down with a shot of tequila?? what?

  6. Greg says:

    Unfortunately i can only do that at home when i have access to that type of salt and lemon. as we all know migranes can happen at the most inconvenient time. i found that chugging down a 20 oz. mountain dew and 2 extra strength ibuprofen works for me. not the healthiest option but it works for me. i don’t know how but, the mountain dew clears my blurred vision and nausea. the ibuprofen is for the lingering headache. but you have to do this before a full blown migrane sets in. i usually know when a migrane is starting.

    1. Adam says:

      sounds like you are hypoglycemic bud.

  7. Robert says:

    Sounds like someone is trying to sell more Himalayan salt

  8. Andy says:

    guys it says mix a high concentration in a glass of water so assuming in 1 glass full of water but high concentration may be a bit overestimating u have to mix a medium concentration then if u can handle it try the high concentration!

    1. CanuckRN says:

      It says “In a glass mix a high concentration of Himalayan crystal salt with lemon juice and drink it.” That means mixing rock salt at a high concentration in lemon juice. NO WHERE does it say water.

  9. Andy says:

    can someone tell me where u can buy this salt???

    1. sam says: just type in Himalayan salt and I go for the organic one and think it is amazing

  10. Andy says:

    well it dosnt say water just a glas of anything salt water dosnt taste that good lol

  11. Peacock says:

    It seems that it is a sales gimmick of HIMALYA salt manufacturers, otherwise generally in this type of postings all use generic name or suggest us to use a product which contains the recommended items, but here it is clearly specified to use HIMALAYA salt.

    In a glass of water – which is vague and not properly suggested, please don’t post this type of promo’s.

    1. flash says:

      You’re a douche, Peacock.

    2. CanuckRN says:

      It doesn’t say water anywhere. “In a glass mix a high concentration of Himalayan crystal salt with lemon juice and drink it.”

      This is so dangerous.

      1. ANA says:

        I found this:

        Here, in this recipe, the water is part of the ingredients.

        Could this be useful?

  12. Abhishek says:

    Himalayan salt is also called rock salt or kaala-namak (black salt) in Indian Hindi Language. it is mix of black, white and pink shades in crystal form. It is sometimes used while cooking Indian dishes. It tastes good and a bit different from the normal white salt that we use. Sometimes I remember to eat a minute quantity just to change the bad taste of mouth if suffering from fever etc.

    It is also added in a local Indian home made drink (Shikanji), which has some himalayan salt (only to taste), with some lemon or unripe green mango juice, a tiny bit of green chilli paste and coriander leaves in a glass of ice cold water. It is normally drink to get some respite from dehydration in harsh summer time in India.

    But I have no idea if it works for migrane or not!!!
    May be if anybody wish to try. They should mix a small tolerable quantity in water and add lemon to it and sip it in small quantity. Remember too much salt may give osmotic shock. If it works tell others. Otherwise Just enjoy the Shikanji Recipie I mentioned above.

    1. CanuckRN says:

      The salt in Shikanji isn’t added for the re-hydration purposes, but to balance electrolytes that are lost when BECOMING dehydrated. If you’re not dehydrated, there would be no reason to drink a glass of salted water. Yes, a small amount is fine, such as in energy drinks have sodium, Tomato and other veggie drinks have sodium added, but a “a glass mixed with a high concentration of Himalayan crystal salt with lemon juice” is such a dangerous thing to post. And there isn’t even any water in this concoction. Just salt and lemon juice. Please don’t do this people.

  13. Laurie says:

    CAUTION: The only reason this could possibly work is that your migraine was triggered specifically by having VERY sodium in your blood. Be certain 1) You DO have a true migraine. 2) It HAS been caused by a critical dip in sodium.

    No way I would do this without those facts and guidance from my doctor about how much salt in how much water. Salt affects the kidneys in a way that holds onto toxins. Toxins, such as the many found in foods, in the blood DO trigger migrains. Taking salt would stop their elimination from the body, so it would make the duration of the migraine longer.

    Again, the only reason this salt thing would work is that your migraine is caused by your sodium levels being WAY too low. Otherwise, it’s a VERY bad choice. If it is the cause, get instructions about quantity. And there’s nothing special about himalayan salt for migraines.

  14. CanuckRN says:

    This can be a very dangerous practice. Sodium (salt) is a major vasoconstrictor that causes hypertension (high blood pressure) and can actually make a migraine and any type of headache worse, especially if its taken in a high dose. Also, high doses of sodium can cause violent vomiting & diarrhea. Even the famous cleanse (which I wont mention) uses only 1 tsp sea salt per 35 oz (one litre) of water as a laxative. In a glass, which usually goes anywhere from 4 oz to 8 oz, with a “high concentration” of salt, will not relieve migraines, strengthen your immune system, increase your energy levels, balance the serotonin levels in your bloodstream, and definitely WILL NOT restore the body’s electrolyte and alkaline balance. If anything, it will dangerously throw your electrolytes off, especially if you vomit and have diarrhea. I don’t know who this person is who wrote this, but they obviously have no medical knowledge or training.

    1. Adam says:

      High concentration is bad… Himalayan pink salt is a lot different than just sodium… A whole lot different. This is not your typical salt for one. You still shouldnt take more than about 1/3 teaspoon at a time. 1/3 teaspoon to 4-5 oz of water with about half a lemon in it. This will help if your migraine is due to dehydration which….. most likely it is. That is the most common reason for a migraine.

  15. Katrina says:

    I would also be sure that citrus is not one of your triggers before using the lemon juice and starting a double whammy 🙁

    For some migraines may be caused due to not drinking enough water the salt would increase that effect causing the migraine to worsen and the need for water to increase. Like others have said use caution.

    1. Adam says:

      that’s not true. Salt helps dehydrate you as long as mixed with water. Obviously overdoing it will undoubtedly be harmful. But as long as you use 1/3 teaspoon 63% DV per about 4-5 oz of water and no more within probably 5-6 hour period of time you should be completely fine and it will help with hydration. I eat probably 1/8 teaspoon of Pink Himalayan everyday added onto my toast before eating an apple or orange and drinking a tall glass of water right after I wake up. (electrolytes) Citric Acid, Sodium, Sodium Bicarbonate, Potassium. That’s the point this article is making but it is really vague and kind of dangerous for people who don’t know any better. That being said your body can handle a lot more Pink Himalayan compared to normal table salt. Salt is not just salt. It is not all the same.

  16. Marie Louise Giusti says:

    What about having Hypertension ? Salt is no good at all !!!!

  17. syeda says:

    i am only reading this now. wow. I had a bad headache last night. i went to get some tea & possibly tylenol with it but i started to get this vomit feel. so i decided to just go for a cup of hot water and mixed hardly half a teaspoon of regular salt. my headache did go away within 10 min. so if i had used himalyan salt, i mightve had better results :). but if you are searching for himalyan salt, my neice mentioned she found it in “winners” food section. you can also try bulk barn or an indian grocery store i guess.

  18. Jessica Madore says:

    Does anyone remember the saying “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”? I believe it referred to salt water because it can kill you drinking it, ugh hello, sounds like a really bad idea not to mention these so called “migraine cures” never work. As a true migraine sufferer all my life, I can tell you these things are not only dangerous but usually purely bullhockey!! Who the heck comes up with these things and why bother anyways? Really…who the heck tries these things…who in their right mind thinks they will remotely work? Sad and demented the lengths some will go to just to make a dollar or have their 15 minutes of fame.

  19. ANA says:

    I found this:

    Here, in this recipe, the water is part of the ingredients.

    Could this be useful?

    1. Adam says:

      that seems like a relatively safe dosage I wouldn’t go over that though. You may want to drink 8 oz more of water after drinking that.

  20. Amy says:

    I sure appreciate all the posts (especially from those of you with medical knowledge!). I have suffered from migraines for over half my life and with two kids it can sure be a killer at times. Having a full page (two columns) of meds that I’ve tried that DON’T work, I’ll try just about anything. But I’ve learned to research before I try anything. So a BIG “thank you” for all the helpful posts!!

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