How to Shed Abdominal Fat – The Silent Killer


How To Shed Abdominal Fat: The Silent Killer

Many men have problems with belly fat. If you are one of them, you may have the feeling that every bite you take ends up on your belly. Also when you try to lose weight you only manage to lose muscle mass and the stomach is still the same. There are a lot of men without buttocks to fill their trousers, but have big, round stomach. And what is more devastating it continues to grow more and more every year.

Here you can find out about the cause and the solution of your problem.

If you try to lose weight with counting calories the fat will be gone but you will not change the area where it accumulates. If you want to solve the problem you should concentrate on the hormone balance especially it is crucial to balance 4 hormones. Cortisol is the name of this stress hormone that causes belly fat and that is why pot belly is also called “stress belly”. There are three hormones that reduce the effect of cortisol: testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone. Schematic representation:HOW TO SHED ABDOMINAL FAT THE SILENT KILLER

Storage of belly fat -> Cortisol

Burning of belly fat -> Growth hormone / Testosterone / DHEA

In order to help yourself you will need to prevent cortisol to break down the muscle mass and fat accumulation and trigger the anabolic hormones which are: testosterone, growth hormone and DHEA which help in muscle growth and losing fat. When the person is young the anabolic hormones are secreted more so the cortisol is easily defeated. As the person gets older winning the battle against belly fat becomes more difficult, because the testosterone, DHEA and growth hormone are reduced with aging.


Reducing cortisol:

  • Sleep well and try to avoid stressful situations at work and at home.
  • Do not exaggerate with exercising (four times a week no longer than an hour is enough)
  • Avoid food that contains: chemical E numbers, sugar, allergens/intolerances (almost always from dairy products and wheat) and pesticides.
  • Relax!It’s up to you-every person has its own way to relax.

Boost the growth hormone:

  • Because the growth hormone is produced mostly when you sleep, try to have a good night sleep.
  • Consume enough proteins (proteins help in producing of growth hormone).
  • The growth hormone can’t finish its job properly when is too much insulin in the body, so reduce the sugar intake.Avoid  consuming carbohydrates and sugar before sleeping.
  • Do exercises for strong muscles- especially for large muscle group which will trigger the growth hormone.
  • Get rid of stress as it will reduce the growth hormone level.

Boost DHEA and testosterone levels:

    • Try to have sufficient intake of Omega-9 fats and saturated fats because they boost DHEA and testosterone levels, as oppose to poly-unsaturated fats (from nuts, linseed, fish and seeds)which reduce testosterone. DHEA and testosterone are derived from cholesterol.
    • Exercise that increase power and are focused in the large muscle group (no longer than an hour) will increase testosterone level, while long cardio exercises will reduce it.
    • Stress will reduce testosterone and DHEA so avoid stress.
    • Be successful! Winning will increase the testosterone level.
    • When you get older, the doctor may prescribe testosterone gel.
    • Avoid wearing tight shorts or trousers because higher temperature will reduce testosterone secretion. That is why is recommendable to keep your testicles outside the pants so they will cool.
    • The beer belly is enough proof that you need to reduce alcohol intake.
    • Avoid consuming liquorice and drinking liquorice infusions.