How to Remove Bruise Marks Naturally

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Some people have very sensitive skin and bruise very easily from minor injuries. Fortunately, you can get rid of the bruises thanks to these fruits and vegetables:How to Remove Bruise Marks Naturally


Put a piece of pineapple on the bruise and wrap it with a bandage. Leave it for 30 minutes or for an hour. Pineapple contains a compound which promotes hematoma absorption and solves the problem quickly.


Take a slice of onion, put it on the bruise and warp it with a bandage. Keep it like that for a few minutes to an hour. For better results, repeat the procedure several times  a day.


Boil unpeeled potato. Peel and mash it, and then mix it with 2 spoons of honey and a little water. Apply the mixture on the bruise. Keep it like that for a few hours.