How to Reduce the Calories in the Pasta and Prolong Satiety


Pasta lovers can agree that their favorite meal often makes them violate any strict diet that they are on.

How to Reduce the Calories in the Pasta and Prolong Satiety

Plate of pasta or noodles will saturate soon, because the simple sugars are rapidly absorbed and raise the level of glucose in the blood, which is especially harmful for diabetics.

The experiment conducted in the show “Believe me, I’m a doctor,” on BBC showed that after cooking the paste you should leave it to cool down, which makes it much healthier and more filling because it turns into a “resistant starch” and reduces the level of glucose in the blood, regarding the consumption of just cooked pasta.

Dr. Denise Richardson, a nutritionist from the University of Surrey in England, believes the cooled pasta gives the body more fiber than starch, with reduced growth of sugars in the blood and feeding the “good” bacteria in the intestines. Also, this way they absorb fewer calories.

This helpful tip may encounter difficulties in the application, because most people like to eat hot pasta. The experiment also researched the characteristics of the cooled and then reheated pasta.

So, the first day of the study participants consumed fresh pasta with a tasty sauce, the second day it was cold pasta and the third – reheated. Every 15 minutes during two hours after a meal they measured the level of sugar in the blood so they can accurately determine the changes in the course of digestion.

The results showed that chilled pasta leads to a smaller increase in blood sugar, unlike freshly prepared. However, to the surprise of all, it has been shown that the cooled pasta reduces sudden increase in blood sugar after a meal for up to 50%.

The discovery is very simple and has constant results, and researchers emphasize that this small change in the consumption of pasta can significantly contribute to improving health, particularly in diabetics.