How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens


Many people are aware of the symptoms that are pointing towards upcoming heart attack and they are able to detect it before it happens. But not many people know the hidden symptoms that can help us to detect the upcoming heart attack up to a month before it happens.How To Recognize A Heart Attack One Month Before It Happens


The heart attack occurs when there is too much plaque accumulated in the arteries. This leads in lower blood supply and at the end to the attack. When a heart attack strikes there is a dying of the tissue because of the deficiency in the blood flow which causes bad pain and pressure. This could be deadly.

Here are the symptoms that can be manifested up to a month before the attack happens. They should be taken seriously.


When your arteries are partially obstructed your heart will get les blood than it is required. This will result in harder function of the heart than it should properly be, which will make you feel tired and sleepy all the time.

Shortness of breath

It is logical, when your heart is not receiving enough blood that means that your lungs will not get enough oxygen as they should normally do. Both systems are depending one from another. If you are experiencing some difficulties while breeding, you should visit your doctor because this could be a sign for an upcoming attack.


If your body became weak unexpectedly it may be result of tightened arteries which are disallowing normal circulation through your body. The muscles are not receiving the required blood which results in lack of energy, even for activities that aren’t requiring too much effort.

Dizziness and Cold Sweats

Improper circulation will affect your brain too because the blood flow to your brain will be restricted. This is very dangerous. This will cause faintness and cold feeling. This is dangerous state and your must take it seriously.

Chest Pressure

If there are some manifestations of onset symptoms of heart attack, there is a big possibility that you will feel discomfort in your chest. It can be a minor pain or built-up pressure. This feeling will continually enhance until the attack occurs.

Flue or Cold Symptoms

If you are having sudden flu symptoms, they can be a sign that points towards possible heart attack. Many people who faced heart attack are claiming that they had cold symptoms few days before the attack.

How to handle this:

The only way to deal with this is to visit doctor as soon as you can. In this way you will disable any upcoming attack.