How To Purify Your Lungs In 72 Hours

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  1. Sajid Khan says:

    For purifying the lungs in 72 hours, the method which is explained above, this we have to do only one or we have to do till three days..can you explain me …

    1. K says:

      It’s mentioned 72 hrs that makes 3 days.

    2. rhea santos says:

      this 72 hrs lung cleans should i do this with food intake as well or only juice drinks ??
      and how many days should i do this? is it 1days? or 3days cause its 72hrs?

  2. Celica says:

    For this 72hr prify plan, can we have any other meals in between, or is it just that plan for 72hrs??

  3. Jayne Ludovice says:

    We don’t have cranberry her in the Philippines. Does cranberry juice in tetra packs which says “pure and no additives” will do?

    Thank you.

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