How To Protect Yourself from Cell phone Radiation Using This One Simple Thing


We all must have known side effects of cell phones. You can expose to high radiations, and with time these radiations can cause health problems. But, do you know there is a method by which you can protect yourself from these radiations?


Rosemary has been the top food having supplements that can protect from exposed radiations. A research published in British journal of Radiology explains about benefit of using rosemary. It has carnosic and canosol acid that protect from scavenger radicals by acting as a photo protector. It maneuvers with body mechanism to protect from radiations. It has compounds that delay toxic effects caused by bad diet. How you should prepare this Rosemary? Here is the method that you should use to make an ultimate drink to fight against radiations.


Water – 1cup boiled

Rosemary – 2 Tsp chopped rosemary Leaves


Add rosemary leaves in the cup of boiled water and mix it for atleast 5 minutes. Your healthy recipe made by rosemary is ready.

You can mix rosemary and carrier oil to add in your diet. One of the best method to get enough supplements from rosemary is inhaling it.

Source: Organic Health