How To Prepare Lemon Water The Right Way


It is quite common nowadays to drink a glass of hot water containing lemon. This drink not only eliminates the accumulated toxins from our body but also improve the function of our digestive system.


Popular media personality and nutrition expert, Keri Glassman, also has this habit and she highly recommends it. According to her, drinking a glass of hot water with lemon in it before breakfast helps you stay hydrated, improves digestion and regulates an overactive appetite.

The consumption of this drink is also highly recommended by the nutritionist and founder of Food Coach NY, Dana James. According to her, this drink has natural cleansing properties and has the ability to increase detoxification. It activates the bile flow resulting in emulsification and removal of fat soluble toxins.

Considering the above mentioned benefits, you should start taking this drink from tomorrow morning!

There is one important ingredient which you should never forget to add while preparing lemon water. It is lemon zest.

Dana James points that the flavonoid limonene present in the lemon skin has the detox properties. Adding lemon zest will ensure that you are getting all the benefits of this amazing drink.

To conclude, you should add about half teaspoon of lemon zest to your hot lemon water, next time you prepare it. It will give you the maximum health benefits.

Source: Healthy Food House