How to Lose Weight from Your Hips Fast


Weight loss can be quite a battle for some. But, while some parts of your body will slim down easily, other parts, such as your thighs, may need more effort and patience. Due to the fact that hips and thighs store more fat than other body parts, they are a common problem area for some women when it comes to weight loss.

Now, every nutritionist and health expert will say that any weight loss goal must be addressed from all aspects including a balanced diet and regular exercise. The same applies for those problematic areas on the body that take more time to shed weight – a targeted workout regime combined with a healthy diet seems to give the best results.

How to Lose Weight from Your Hips Fast

As for your dietary regime, the following tips are extremely beneficial to address any weight loss goal, including losing weight on your hips.

1# Reduce Calorie Intake by 10-25%

The moment you start reducing your calorie intake, your body starts using the fat stored in the hips and thighs. This in turn results in weight loss from these areas.

2# Your Breakfast is a Must

If you skip breakfast instead of having a healthy, nutritious meal in the morning, your body will fight to keep the stored fat rather than burn it out.

3# Cut Out Refined Carbs

As opposed to refined sugars which build up in your liver, try to get hooked on carbohydrates in the form of whole grains such as brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pastas, and other grains.

4# Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

Too much sugar can only hamper your weight loss goals thus making losing weight on your hips harder. If you are storing extra fat on your hips, you must reconsider your sugar intake.

5# Increase Your Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

Naturally nutritious and with fewer calories, fruits and vegetables can keep you full, thus prevent overeating.  A high fiber diet won’t only keep cravings at bay, but it will significantly improve digestion and increase weight loss results.

As for the workout part, it’s vital to spend more time on exercises targeting the particular area on your body that you want to shed weight from.

Watch the video below for hip-targeted exercises.

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