How to Grow A Pineapple From Another One – Easily!


Why buy genetically modified food when you can grow fresh and organic food in your own yard?

It’s an increasing trend nowadays to grow your own food. The reasons for this are quite obvious: on one hand you get organic, pesticide-free food and on the other, you save quite some money. People are fast recognizing this and are transforming their decorative garden flowers into organic fruits and vegetables.

Anyway, you need something to begin with, so here we provide some useful guidelines for your very first home-grown pineapple. Providing you give it all the proper care, it will grow into a wonderful pineapple tree and will bear tasty mellow fruits.

How to Grow A Pineapple From Another One - Easily!

There are however some basic facts you should familiarize yourself with before planting a pineapple:

Pineapples are bromeliads, which means they don’t have any seeds.

They don’t require much water, so only small water amounts will suffice.

Pineapple can grow in hot and sunny climates, but it can also flourish in shade.

Pineapples don’t have big roots, so they don’t ask for large quantities of high quality soil, which saves money as well.

Pineapples thrive in slightly acidic soil, which lots of gardens already have, so you only need to take some soil from your garden to fill the planting pot.

This is what you need to grow a pineapple successfully:

  • a pineapple of any size
  • a little glass water container
  • a planter
  • soil


Step 1: Buy a ripe pineapple making sure it doesn’t have any soft spots on its thick rough skin. It’s advisable to obtain an organic pineapple, so that your home-grown pineapple grows organic as well.

Step 2: Wash the fruit, then lay it on a cutting board.

Step 3: Cut the crown (the leafy green area) along with an inch or two (2.5-5 cm) of the fruit flesh. Dry the crown in the sun for a couple of days. After this, pull out only the outer rigid leaves, and leave the inside ones. Place the pineapple crown into a small glass container with about half an inch (1cm) of clean water, so that the bottom is dipped into the water, while the leaves float above the water level.

Step 4: Keep the glass container in a sunny place, next to a window pane or outside in your garden for no less than 2 weeks. Change the water every 2 or 3 days.

Step 5: In two weeks, the crown will start developing roots and will be set for planting, so arrangean adequate planter with some quality soil.

Water your plant just enough to keep the soil moist.  We recommend you expose it to sunlight for at least 6 hours a day,and in your home or in a shade for the rest of the day.

It will take a year before your pineapple gets too large for the planter.  After that, replant it in a bigger pot or plant it directly in your garden.

Your first organic pineapple will be ripe in 12 months if not sooner!