How To Get Rid Of Stress With 5 Minute Massage On Your Fingers


The massage is used for centuries and is considered one of the most effective means of preserving health. You do not need to visit a beauty salon for a massage, and will only take 5 minutes of your time.

At any time of the day, at work or on vacation with this massage you achieve a maximum effect in minimum time.

Massage procedure is as follows:How To Get Rid Of Stress With 5 Minute Massage On Your Fingers

Exercise 1

Catch the little finger with the thumb and forefinger, then gently shake to release muscle tension. Turn the little finger in the direction of clockwise and after 10 seconds change the direction. Perform the same exercise on the other fingers of your hands.

Exercise 2

Press the root of each finger, as each is linked to a specific function of our body. For example, pressing the base of the thumb it releases the airways and nasal cavities, because at the end of the thumb reflex zone is the connection to the lungs.

Exercise 3

With one hand make a fist, but make sure to leave some free space in it and put the thumb of your other hand. Then squeeze your fist harder, trying to pull the thumb or pull and shove it. Do the same with the other fingers.

Exercise 4

Finally, we shake hands. You need them to feel the heat and relief. Our fingers are working for us and it is necessary to pay attention, to relax them and they will fight with us and eliminate stress.