How To Get Rid of Pests Without Any Pesticides


If you are searching for a way to suppress your garden pests this is the right article for you. The pests can make a lot of damage in your garden. You can buy some pesticide, but you know it is not healthy.

Here is what you can do

It is not impossible for you to find a substitute for your problem. You can use some organic essential oils that can be very helpful for solving the pest problem. Buy a pistol-grip spritz bottle and make a mixture of several essential oil drops with a little bit water and whisk it well before usage.

How To Get Rid of Pests Without Any Pesticides

Once your pistol-grip spritz is ready for use you can start sprinkling your plants and your pests with the prepared composite. With the help of the following insect suppressors your garden will be far better and beautiful.

Here is a list of 5 particular kinds of essential oils that suppress certain pests:

  • You can suppress flies by using peppermint, lavender, rosemary and sage.
  • Beetles can be suppressed with peppermint and thyme.
  • For ants you can use spearmint and peppermint
  • Caterpillars will escape from spearmint and peppermint
  • Fleas will be removed with peppermint, lemongrass, sage and thyme.

The oils mentioned above are very helpful against the harmful bugs in your garden on a daily basis. You can use them as insect suppressors too. Scrub them on your clothes when going outside. With the help of these oils you will surely win in the fights against pests.

The most important thing is that these oil will not harm your plants, while removing the annoying garden pests. There is no need at all for using chemicals in your garden for solving the pests problem.

Finish them off the Right Way

In order to have a nice looking garden with plenty and healthy products, these oils are the right choice for you. This way of suppressing pests is cheaper and better for the environment as well. While doing good thing for your garden, you are doing good thing for you and your family too.

You can keep safe your pets too with these oils, because they deserve to be treated healthy, just like your garden. You know that the pets are vulnerable to many pests out there, and fortunately you can solve this problem in a healthy way.

With the help of these tips you will successfully deal with the pests that are ruining your garden, in which you are working hard in order to grow some tasty products. You will never again find some destroyed plant in your garden because you will solve the problem with the pests in a safety way. You will sleep better now when you know that your garden is safe from the harmful pests.

This has been proven as successful way. Don’t wait any longer, buy some essential oils and deal with the intruders in your garden.

Remember that it is your garden and you are in charge.