How to Get Rid of Armpits Fat


Women are mostly concerned with those body parts on which body fat is accumulated especially when they want to lose weight. Belly, hips and the booty are the critical areas. The good news is that if they gain weight easily they lose weight easily. But there are some body parts that are more difficult to get in shape. Women often forget to do exercises for those body parts as well as that they need to be previously prepared. Below you can find useful tips on how to lose weight in one particular body part- the fat on the armpit.

How to Get Rid of Armpits Fat

How to know that you have extra armpit fat

What is fat on the armpit? Furthermore how shall we know if we have excess fat on the armpit and do we have to lose weight there? The simplest way is to put on a bra which is smaller than the one you usually wear. If you have extra skin between the armpit and the bra, than you are dealing with extra armpit fat. Read about several tips how to get rid of it, including tips how to hide the armpit fat.

Method #1 Exercise to lose armpit fat

When someone is trying to lose weight he/she first tries to improve the diet and to start with exercising. And in this case you should start with these 2 things. Read about the most effective exercises which will help you with losing fat on the armpits. First you must start with cardio workouts. If you choose to exercise in a gym use the cardio equipment. Pay attention to your arms. Below there are several activities for losing armpit fat:

Take 2 weights in each arm. Use the ones that you can lift. Try lifting 2kg if 3 kg are too heavy. Take the one weight and lift it up and hold it there. Then twist the elbow placing the arm behind the head. Repeat 10 times. Then repeat the same exercise with the other arm. You will also tone the muscles but if you are not prone to exercising, do not worry; there are still other solutions for your problem.

Method #2 Use the right bra

We have already mentioned how to determine that you have excess armpit fat with the help of a smaller bra. Many women like to wear smaller bras because their breasts look bigger when they wear them. But in the same time if their breasts look bigger than the fat around them and on the armpits will look greater as well. If you want to avoid this, wear suitable bra .Always try the bra before buying it. Do not buy bigger bra as well because you won’t feel comfortable. Be sure when you try the bra, to be in horizontal position and the space between the bra and the skin is 2-3 fingers, nothing more and nothing less. In this way your armpit fat will not be noticeable.

Method #3 Do not forget to eat healthily

You must be aware that this body part doesn’t accumulate fat easily so it is hard to lose weight there as well. You must think about your diet. What kind of food do you prefer? If you consume fatty food and if you avoid vegetables and fruits than you have the answer- you must make some changes. Try to avoid dough, sandwiches and fried food. Although they are delicious and can make you feel full, they are the main culprit for gaining extra pounds which accumulate not only on one body part but on parts which we are not even aware that can accumulate fat.