How To Eat Right For Your Blood Type

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  1. usefull research seen for the first time

    1. chris Robertson says:

      There is whole website devoted and several books written on the subject. Was also some one did a study on how your Ethnic background determined your diet as well. didnt find it as useful. I’m type O and find when i stay to a strict meat diet. my body lvls out to its optimum weight.

  2. Umera Silsila says:

    informative…i want to learn more about blood group is b+

  3. Dorcas Muchindo Gumbo says:

    I would like to know more about the group o+, what diet plan to follow and what exercise or workouts r suited for this group

  4. timos says:

    This appears to have NO SCIENTIFIC stands…. no research, no experiments. The mere fact that it tries to make a claim via copies sold says a lot. Copies sold should make absolutely no difference, as the science should stand true even if not a single person bought the book. Also there is that ‘believer’ word, which shouldn’t exist in ANY scientific paper.

    1. Melissa Kelly says:

      I am a chronic anaemic, and A+ , if I lived on veges alone, I would need transfusions every couple of weeks instead of every couple of months. Just goes to prove, you cant believe everything you read, especially on the internet!

    2. Lauren says:

      Timos: Yes, it does, if you read the references at the back of the book. I’m tired of people saying this. It does have science to back it up. And it’s been around since the mid-90s. You also have to read about the people who have succeeded with it. To just throw out that it has no scientific stands is bullshit. Read the book, check out the references, and visit the site before you make statements like you have. That isn’t scientific, either.

  5. Fandangoyoga says:

    Timos, If you actually take the time to read more about this diet you will find that there has been research done on different blood types. Quite extensive research! That is how they found that different blood clots after eating different foods. They found this to be consistent with different blood types hence the blood type diet. There are consistent patterns found with the different blood types. So I urge you to read and investigate MORE than just this article because there is a lot more to this subject!

  6. Kirk Adrian Pantin says:


  7. arlene francia says:

    my blood type is b and my question is how to gain my weight when i was single which was only 48kilos. i have 4 conceptions and i grew bigger and bigger everytime giving birth. my weight for my eldest was 60kilos, 2nd was 70, 3rd was 80, & the 4th conception was 100kilos. For now, my weight is 86kilos. Hoping you could give me nice advice regarding my concern. Thank you so much.

  8. nicole farnham says:

    Hi my bloody type is AB- … Im really curious….

  9. Patricia says:

    I actually went and had my blood tested for allergens – I have B+ bloodtype.

    This is what the test said: Pork and Turkey were good…whereas I should only eat chicken in moderation.

    I am moderate with wheat and gluten but should avoid all barley and malt. Oats are very good for me.

    I should avoid almonds, eggs, cottage cheese and most cheeses except Swiss and Cheddar and I think goat’s cheese. i should avoid all milk.

    The test goes into more details but I don’t have it in front of me.

    My hubby is AB+ and he has to avoid all wheat products, all dairy and eggs and almonds.

    Not sure how all of THAT compares to this supposed ‘eat right for your type’ thing.

    We had the allergy tests done through Life Extension. When we follow THEIR allergen recommendations we lose weight and all our skin issues go away.

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