How To Cure Your Sciatica In 7 Days Guaranteed!


Why Conventional Sciatica Treatments Often Don’t Work…And Could Even Make Your Pain Worse

Many people which suffer from chronic sciatica spend a lot of money but without positive results as this condition is difficult to be cured.

But there is still a hope. Although sciatica can be devastating and really painful, it is quite rare the sciatic nerve to be permanently damaged.

All these means that even if you suffer from sciatic pain for many years there is a great chance that you will fully recover and have life without pain.

Moreover a lot of people are able to defeat sciatica faster than they even imagine- with a suitable treatment that lasts for seven days only.

The solution is in finding a treatment which will heal the hidden cause of your pain.

Why Conventional Sciatica Treatments Often Fail

If you go to a doctor about sciatica pain he /she will probably prescribe you pain-killers. This can help you at the moment and can decrease inflammation.

These drugs will not solve the real cause of the problem. They will only alleviate the pain and will hide the problem especially if you suffer from irritated or compressed nerve.

Many of these pain killers- especially anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs- mustn’t be used for a long time as they can cause diarrhea, stomach pain, and bloating and other unpleasant health conditions.

What is the worst thing? If you use drugs which alleviate the pain than you could repeat actions as overloading the spine with heavy weight that are the real cause of sciatica and with repeating them you can only worsen the situation and the pain.

This is the negative side of the modern medicine. What is worse, a lot of people are suffering from sciatica for years although they use modern medications.


Can Chiropractors Eliminate Sciatic Pain?

Chiropractic manipulation is one more common treatment against sciatica. There is evidence that this treatment can help slightly with short-term sciatica but still it is not proven that can help with chronic sciatic pain.

There is also evidence that sciatic manipulation can cause a serious health problem which results in losing function in the lower back –condition known as cauda equina syndrome. It can also cause loss of bladder control and sexual dysfunction.

That is why this treatment is not recommended as it is not proven as effective and on the other hand is linked with serious health condition -cauda equine.

What Are Some Effective Treatments for Sciatica?

As we said, the conventional medicine cannot help with sciatic pain – so what can make the problem disappear-what is the solution?

There are many natural treatments as sleep therapy, home remedies, tailored exercise programs and many others. Thousands of peoples have tried alternative treatments and succeeded in defeating sciatic pain without dangerous and expensive medicines.

And for the end, we would like to share bizarre but amazing story about how one man cured his sciatic pain using a completely natural treatment program!

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