How I Kickstarted My 40-Pound Weight Loss Journey in Just 14 Days


She was just a typical girl who really wants to lose weight. She was a typical girl too that has tried almost every diet, exercise and juice regimen there is in the hopes of losing some weight but to no avail. Until she discovered that she needs to develop her own diet plan that is suited for her to be able to shed pounds.


So what did she modify? Enumerated are the things she modified in her diet that you too can try to modify as well so you can lose a whopping 40 pounds in just 14 days!

  1. Eliminate refined sugar from diet
  2. Remove wheat from the Diet
  3. Limit dairy products
  4. Skip high processed foods
  5. No more alcoholic beverages, artificial sweeteners, soda

Her results?

She spent 2 weeks of avoiding the foods that were included in the list and she noticed a rapid decrease in her weight. Her weight was falling off and, more importantly, staying off. The results were quick and easy.

Imagine how a little sacrifice -Just 14 days can make a difference in your entire life. Just 14 days to a New You!