How Coca Cola Destroys Your body in only 65 minutes!


You probably know that Coca Cola is very dangerous and critical to your health, but do you know how and why. What actions are occurring after one bottle of this drink?

How Coca Cola Destroys Your body in only 65 minutes!

When you finish reading this article think carefully if you should drink it again or not.

Here is what happens with your body after drinking a bottle of Coca Cola:

In the first 10 minutes– Coca Cola’s sugar is a big shock for your body. If you take that amount of sugar you will overdose your body which causes vomiting. But Coca Cola is very wicked drink it has phosphoric acid that prevents the vomiting. Many parents are giving this drink to their children when they have stomach disarrays, but it is very wrong thing to do.

After 20 minutes the body is releasing insulin in the bloodstream in order to fight against the sugar overdose. The sugar is turned into fat by the liver’s actions.

After 40 minutes the caffeine included in Coca Cola is fully absorbed in the body. Because of the bolstered flowing of glucose in the bloodstream the pressure will grow.

The brain obstructs the adenosine receptors that are assisting in fighting against slumber.

The pupils will dilate.

Until 45th minute the making of the hormone dopamine is enhanced, which is actuating the pleasure center of the brain. Some drugs, like heroin are having the approximate effect on your body.

One hour later, when the calcium, zinc, and magnesium will connect in the intestines, the phosphoric acid will enhance your metabolism.

The big extreme dose of sugar and unnatural sweeteners are the reason for this knotty result. The diuretic effect of caffeine begins to work.

It weakens the bones with washing off the calcium from them. The calcium will overflow in the urine.

Not only calcium is removed, but the zinc, sodium and magnesium too.

Yet in the 65th minute an acute deficiency of sugar is made in the body, which causes insomnia and anxiety.

The sugar shortage replaces the caffeine shortage, which will lead to fatigue and malaise. You will lose more fluid than you got together with Coca Cola.

When the effect of the Coca Cola is finished you will feel uncomfortable, but only until you get another one.

The standard consummation of Coca Cola leads to expansion of hypertension and obesity.

Unnatural sweeteners like aspatram (E951) are the reason why you are feeling thirsty after consumption. The producers are using this ingredient in their drinks because it is beneficial for them.

Finally, consuming big amounts of unnatural sweeteners is causing nervous disarrays and decreases the mental expansion.

There are some substances included in Coca Cola that are diminishing the effectiveness of the intestines and stomach enzymes that are crucial in eliminating body fat. Formation of fatty storage is appearing because of this actions.