Honey Diet – 6 Pounds Less in Just 7 Days


Sweet and delicious, and also speeds up your metabolism and helps with weight loss. What more could you want? If you want to lose 6 pounds a week, even while sleeping, a honey diet is the right choice for you.

Forget the harmful refined sugar and replace it with natural honey. The main purpose of this diet is to stop your body’s need for sugar.

With just a few tips you will achieve efficiency in burning fat and entering healthy habits in your life. Also, what would make you change the situation in your favor is just a bowl of warm water with a teaspoon of honey.Honey Diet - 6 Pounds Less in Just 7 Days

What You Eat:

Rule 1: Replace the sugar with honey

There is much evidence to show that the culprit accumulation of fat is not only fat but sugar. Exclude all sugars and use the honey as an alternative. You have to start the day with a glass of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of honey. In the breakfast you can insert integral pastry with honey. Remember, half an hour before bedtime, repeat this process!

Rule 2: Choose unrefined carbohydrates

Whole grain bread, pasta and rice ingredients are rich in fiber and they encourage better digestion. If you want to have a sense of satiety, insert proteins and plenty of vegetables in your meals.

Rule 3: Eat protein

Eat grilled fish, chicken without skin, pork, beef, eggs… These foods will keep you full and reduce your need for intake of sugars in the body.

Rule 4: Salad, vegetables, fruit…

There is no rule in this diet which will limit how much salad you can eat. Eat at least two fruits a day. Also, eat yogurt, cottage cheese and milk.


  • Fast food, chips, snacks, sweets, soft drinks, fried foods, processed foods, etc…
  • Choose one day a week and that day exclude carbs completely.
  • With this diet forget the potato in any form.