Homemade Plantago Syrup – The Best Remedy For Pulmonary Diseases


Plantago (plantago major and plantago minor) is a valuable medicinal plant unjustly neglected and under – used and whose time is coming. Although, for decades syrups for cough and various lung diseases are made from natural plantago, recent studies have shown some fantastic healing properties.Homemade Plantago Syrup - The Best Remedy For Pulmonary Diseases

Plantago in peoples medicine is used to treat wounds and ulcers, edema and inflammation, and as a tea or syrup is used for easier expectoration, dissolution of lung mucus, ulcers of the stomach and bladder.

Traditional recipe for plantago syrup

Plantago syrup is recommended for all who suffer from lung diseases, tuberculosis, shortness of breath, persistent cough, chest pain and excessive mucous secretion.

You will need a large 5 liters glass jar with a good lid that closes and on the bottom add a layer of clenched plantago leaves with a thickness of 3 cm. Over the plantago add a layer of brown sugar with a thickness of 1 cm and over that another layer of plantago. So continue until the jar is full.

The mixture should stay for one night and the next day you will need to fill the jar the same way, because at night the jar contents are going to decrease. Fill the jar to the brim. Then dig a hole in the yard, place the jar in the hole, but first protect it with several layers of foil, plastic and aluminum or wax. Bury it with soil, cover the hole with a board on which you will place a large stone.

The jar should stay buried for three months, after that filter the contents of the jar and boil the resulting plantago syrup once.

The resulting syrup should be kept in a sterile glass container.

This homemade syrup is the best all natural helper against lung diseases.

If you feel sick, consume several teaspoons of the syrup per day for children and as many tablespoons for adults.