Homemade Oil Removes Back And Joints Pain: Old Russian Methods Of Treatment!


Do not drink analgesics always! Prepare this homemade oil that removes the pain and the discomfort.

Alternative medicine has a solution for almost all health issues including the most common pain of today back and joints pain, which occurs as a result of sitting for hours and physical inactivity.

Instead of constantly reaching for analgesics, try this natural remedy that can help you maintain healthy joints in good condition or to reduce/to release you from the pain you feel.Homemade Oil Removes Back And Joints Pain Old Russian Methods Of Treatment!

Recipe for back and joints pain:

Finely shred 300 – 400 grams of garlic. Put it in a jar and pour it with 1l of quality unrefined vegetable oil (olive, sunflower …), close the lid and leave the jar in a dark room at room temperature. Leave the jar to stand for 2 weeks, by this time you should shake the contents in the jar daily. At the end you will receive garlic oil, which should be strained through 3 – 4 layers of gauze or two times through small plastic droppers.


Massage the painful places with the prepared oil, for example the lower back (cross) in the case of osteochondrosis, pain in the back or in the case of osteoarthritis – pain in the joints of the arms or legs.

Then cover the area with a plastic bag and put your gloves on (if you massaged your hands) or socks (if you massaged your ankles).

Garlic improves blood circulation in painful joints, and thus helps in establishing their function. The treatment with this homemade oil should last for about 2 months. In any case, before you use any natural or homemade product, you should consult your doctor.