Homemade Hair Oils For Gray Hair


Do you feel that you are alittle too young to have some gray hair on your head? Well some of the reasons could be ill health or a bad lifestyle or maybe it is heredity. Reasons immaterial, gray hair is never welcome even once your old. What you can do is stop using chemical hair dyes and colors that does nothing but give temporary color and damage it of course. Instead, make a small visit to your kitchen to find out what can help with hiding and preventing those gray hairs. Some kitchen remedies, health ideas and homemade recipes can bring back your black gorgeous hair in a few months.

Did you know that you can treat those gray hairs with various oils? Take a look at these great homemade hair oil recipes for curing premature gray hairs. Keep reading for ayurvedic oil for grey hair!Homemade Hair Oils For Gray Hair

Use this hair oil for grey hair:

Curry leaves hair oil

  • Collect a bunch of curry leaves, clean and allow it to dry in hot sun until it turns dark brown and crisp.
  • Grind it to fine powder.
  • Mix 4 heaped teaspoons of this curry leaf powder with 200 ml of coconut or olive oil and bring to a boil.
  • After 2 minutes, switch off the stove and allow the oil to cool down.
  • Filter the oil and store it in an airtight container.

How to use:

Once or twice in a week, apply this curry leaf hair oil on your scalp and hair. Work out with your finger tips to gently massage in circular motions and allow the oil to sit on your hair and scalp for at least 40 minutes before hair wash. This process eventually darkens the premature gray hair at home  and gives you a dark beautiful hair. Taking a hair stream after this procedure opens up the scalp pores helping the oil penetrate deeper,giving faster results.

Amla overnight treatment:

Amla can also be a great remedy when it comes to darkening of premature gray hairs. It has been widely used among the women around world for ages and you can find some amla ingredient in most of the natural hair dyes too. Let us check an overnight hair oil treatment with amla to get rid of premature gray hair.

  • Cut fresh amla fruits into small pieces and paste them until smooth. You can add some rose water to grind it.
  • Add this paste to your regular hair oil and tightly close with a cloth or lid.
  • Let the amla ingredients soak in your oil for at least a week.
  • After a week, filter the hair oil and store it in a clean bottle.

How to use:

Every night before going to bed, apply and massage this amla hair oil onto your scalp. If it is mildly heated, the results would be much better. Now wear a shower cap and go to sleep. Wash your hair next morning. This amla treatment can be done daily or in alternate days to see visible results within weeks. You can notice your gray hair strands turning dark.

Free tip: Adding curry leaves to your daily diet and avoiding stress would also incredibly help in eliminating gray hairs.

Source: www.stylecraze.com