HIDDEN POISONS are Lurking in These Popular Foods. Stop Eating Them Immediately!


It’s an undeniable fact that supermarkets abound in a wide array of tempting foods that we can hardly resist. However, nutritionists alarm that some products simply must be avoided due to their high toxic content which can affect your health in a number of ways.

These are some of the products you’d better eliminate from your shopping list:

1# Pâté  

If you knew what pâté p is made of, you’d immediately throw your last can in the garbage. Apart from containing meat of the lowest quality, pâté also includes animal by-products such as animal skin, cartilage, bones etc. Even half of the pâté content is water, along with fats, starch, and numerous additives and taste-enhancing chemicals. Some brands have a mere 30% meat content. Last, but not least, pâté contains tons of sodium; sausage pâté is even more harmful than that in a can. If you enjoy this popular food, make your own pâté at home instead of buying a processed one.

HIDDEN POISONS are Lurking in These Popular Foods. Stop Eating Them Immediately!

2# Margarine

Margarine is another highly processed food on the market. It’s an inexpensive alternate to butter, made from vegetable oils obtained through a process of extraction that includes chemicals and high temperature. This production method, also called hydrogenation, destroys all vitamins and antioxidants in the vegetable source the oil is made from, including sunflower seeds, corn or soybean, and leads to a release of free radicals which cause cellular damage and eventually lead to cancer development.  Adding new chemicals to already harmful ones to make margarine solid is even more harmful. On the other hand, butter is made of milk and salt, and is a much healthier option.

3# Processed cheese

Processed cheese, also known as prepared cheese, is a food product made from cheese (50% at most) as well as emulsifiers, saturated vegetable oils, extra salt, food colorings, whey or sugar. This sugar contains double the sodium content of regular cheese, and more fat than any other dairy product.

4# Microwave popcorn

Microwave popcorn is another highly toxic food that’s really popular among consumers. For one thing, it contains chemicals that increase the risk of cancer, affect fertility and compromise kidney function. Plus, they’re usually enhanced with artificial flavors and trans fat acids that trigger headaches and nausea.  All popcorn lovers are strongly advised to prepare their popcorn in the traditional way.

5# Hotdogs

Hotdogs are full of animal by-products including animal skin, intestines, bone fragments, tendons, cartilage and meat of the lowest quality. Plus, they are fortified with soy, starch, spices, water, tons of nitrates, emulsifiers, and food coloring. All of these have an adverse effect on your overall health, and when consumed frequently, trigger a number of serious health issues in the long run. As an alternative, you can make hotdogs or sausages at home instead of buying highly processed ones.