Here’s How To Tighten Loose Skin On The Eyelids In Just 4 Steps !


Wrinkles and sagging skin are usually linked with aging, which is something we all fear the most, especially women. Sagging eyelids can cause us self-confidence issues and make us feel unattractive and old, which is why we always try to do something to improve the condition. There are a number of ways in which you can improve the condition and feel more attractive, like facial exercises, anti-aging creams, and natural remedies and in the worst case scenario, cosmetic procedures.Here’s How to Tighten Loose Skin on the Eyelids in Just 4 Steps

Step  1

If you want to tighten loose skin on your eyelids and reinforce the muscles around the eyes you can start doing eyelid exercises for ten minutes every day, or at least 4 days a week. The Eva Fraser Fitness Center in London, England confirms that eyelid exercises can improve your appearance significantly. Raise your eyebrows and put a finger under your brow bone.  Close your eyes and hold in that position for 6 seconds. You’ll feel your lids pulling down as you hold your finger in place. Open your eyes and repeat a few times.

Step 2

You can also start using a firming or anti-aging eyelid cream. The Author of Skin Biology, Loren Pickart, PhD, recommends choosing a cream which is rich in copper peptides, which tightens the skin and irons out wrinkles. Some creams shouldn’t be used directly on the eyelids, but you can apply them on the surrounding area to get similar results.

Step 3

You can try a new cosmetic treatment called Thermage. It warms up the skin around your eyes using radio waves. The increase in temperature boosts new collagen production, tightening up your skin and giving it a rejuvenated look. The FDA confirms that this method is approved and non-invasive and its results can last up to two years.

Step 4

For more severe cases of drooping eyelids, which can’t be fixed in any other way, the only solution is blepharoplasty, a type of plastic surgery which removes the fat, skin and drooping muscle around the eye. This surgery is especially recommended for those who experience vision problems because of their droopy eyelids.

Additional Tips

Dr. Loren Pickart, a biochemist who created his own line of skin care product advises using minimal eye make up to protect your eyelids from irritation and sagging. It was scientifically proven that the artificial colors in eyeshadows and eyeliners can cause sagging and damage the delicate skin around your eyes.