Here`s How To Melt The Excess Fat From The Stomach In Just 30 Days (video)


You may not be a fan of difficult exercises, but the ″Plank″ exercise will significantly reduce the excess fat from your belly and will strengthen the depth and external muscles of your back, arms and legs, buttocks, and trunk muscles.til11

In this exercise, make sure you have a holding in the top position of push-ups. The muscles work in a similar way as in the push-ups-deeply strengthened and become more resilient.

The most important thing when doing this exercise is to keep the correct position. When you lift the elbows and will rely on its toes, make sure the upper of your body to be a flat line.

Distribute the weight evenly on elbows and legs which will make tense muscles on the buttocks to get extra balance. When master the proper position, the only thing you have to do is beat yourself in this 30-day challenge. You should start with 20 seconds on the first day, then you can gradually increase in the following days.