Here’s How To Use Garlic To Disinfect The Air In Your Home!


During the frequent viral disease this is a trick worth gold. Thanks to it, you will avoid viral infections.Heres How To Use Garlic To Disinfect The Air In Your Home!jpg

It is no news that garlic has powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicidal activity which can easily be compared with the best antibiotic.

This is a plant that is rich in more than 200 biologically active compounds, including glycine, essential oil, calcium, phosphorous, selenium, as well as a large amount of vitamin B and C. Since, garlic successfully acts against streptococcus, typhoid, fungal and viral infections.

Thanks to its great role in health, garlic is very useful for removing viruses that plagued your living space.

Especially at a time of frequent viruses, it is recommended to clean the air in the rooms where you usually reside in order to stay healthy. While it is certainly advisable to eat garlic as often as possible, you can very easily use it to disinfect the air in your home.

Simple and quick

Take a head of garlic and carefully remove the cloves. Be careful not to destroy the shell. Put the stem with the remains of the shell and light it up in an ashtray or uninflammable saucer and let it fester. The smoke that will spread is not very pleasant, and it will kill viruses in the area. It will prevent a sore throat, nose, and lungs.

Another way

Another tip for the disinfection of the air is to take one kilogram of onions or garlic and deploy it in several containers and stack it in corners of the rooms where you spend most of the day. Onions bind with harmful compounds, viruses and bacteria, and the air stays clean.

Do not eat the onions that are used to clean the air.