Here Is What Happens With Your Body After You Drink A Glass Of Soda


Here’s a brief description of what happens in our body for a short time after you drink a glass of soda:Here Is What Happens With Your Body After You Drink A Glass Of Soda

– In the first 10 minutes:

It is like 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your body, which is 100% more than the recommended daily intake. No vomiting because phosphoric acid reduces the sense of taste and prevents vomiting.

– After 20 minutes:

The blood sugar keep on growing and insulin causes an explosion. Your liver responds to it and tries to turn the sugar into fat.

– After 40 minutes:

The caffeine absorption is complete. Pupils are disseminated, blood pressure rises and as a result the liver “discharges” more sugar into the bloodstream. Adenosine receptors in the brain are blocked, preventing sleepiness.

– After 45 minutes:

The body increases the production of dopamine, which stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain and enjoyment. Incidentally, this is the same principle how the heroin addiction happens.

– In the 60th minute:

Phosphoric acid binds with calcium, magnesium and zinc in the lower intestine, prompting the rest of the metabolism.

– After the 60th minute:

The caffeine, diuretic properties happen (you must urinate), and in that moment you release the minerals from your body. Sugar levels gradually fall, and you become irritable or lethargic. Imagine this happening to you every day, for weeks or even months…