Here Is How To Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Using Medications

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  1. Your website is very good for all public for health

    Thank u for team leader

    Srinivasarao m

  2. Narendra Shah says:

    Excellent information. it is very useful information………

  3. I love your website. Such needed info & suggestions.
    Thank You.

  4. Noor says:

    If U have some in information about tanning

  5. FAWAD says:

    I am a 50 year old person.I do exercise a lot.I have never touched alcohol all my life.I am not over weight as a matter of fact I am still very slim BUT I HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND DIABETES FOR THE LAST TWENTY YEARS.

    1. twb says:

      drink more water , eat more organic fruits and vegatables. Juice them if you have to . cut back on the animal protein .

  6. Jema says:

    give us information about hepatitis B

  7. Felix Joikon says:

    Whenever my blood pressure shoots up, I will normally detox myself with a concoction of juiced carrot, celery stalks, raisins, bitter gourd and pomegranate. It helps tremendously….

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