Heart Attacks Can Be Predicted Months Before and YOUR HAIR CAN WARN YOU! Here’s How!


According to medical experts, each change in the human body cause also a change in the hair. It has been found that our hair can warn us a couple of months before a heart attack occurs. Here is how:

Cortisol is a stress hormone and if cortisol level is high, it can be a sigh of heart attack even months before it happens.

Heart Attacks Can Be Predicted Months Before and YOUR HAIR CAN WARN YOU! Here’s How!

Some scientists from Canada conveyed research on how marriage, financial and problems at work can increase the risk of heart diseases and they concluded that there is a biological sign which can warn us about the risk from a heart attack.

Professors Stan Van Mind and Gideon Koran of the University of Western Ontario claims that cortisol level can be determined through urine, saliva and blood analysis and these analyses showed higher cortisol level just several days and hours before the heart attack.

The hair analysis can show different thing. Every month the hair growth is about 1 cm per month and if you observe hair strand which is 6 inches long you can determine the stress level within longer period of time.

This was also proven by a survey conveyed on 56 people who suffered heart attacks, and the results were compared with people’s hair samples that suffered from some other medical conditions and didn’t suffer from a heart attack.
Other symptoms, apart from the hair, include:

Strong chest pain, although not every chest pain is a symptom of a heart attack. You can also experience pain in the legs, arms, neck and jaw. Also, many people feel nausea, sweating, breathing problems, and stomach problems.

Source: naturalandhealthylives.com