A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before: Your Hair Warns You And Here’s How


Our bodies are constantly sending us signals when there’s something wrong and they warn us beforehand, sometimes even months before something happens.A Heart Attack Can Be Predicted Even Months Before Your Hair Warns You And Here’s How

There are a lot of conditions which can first be detected through changes in your hair. For example, if you have high levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) in your hair it may mean that you’re at risk of a heart attack, and these changes can start appearing months before the actual event takes place.

A group of Canadian researchers looked into the connection between stress from work, marriage problems and financial difficulties and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They determined that increased stress levels can lead to heart problems, but luckily there’s a biological marker which can predict a heart attack before it happens.

Usually the levels of cortisol are measured through blood, urine and saliva analysis but according to professors Stan Van Mind and Gideon Koran from the Western Ontario University, these analysis only show the levels of cortisol from the days leading up to the analysis, not from before.

But when it comes to our hair, the situation is different. This is because hair grows one centimeter per month on average, which means that one 6 inch long strand of hair can give you an accurate result for a much longer period of time.

These claims are based on a study which examined hair samples from 56 people who’ve suffered a heart attack and compared them to hair samples from people who hadn’t suffered a heart attack but had other medical conditions.