Healthy Drink That Will Remove The Fat From Your Blood

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  1. Kamal says:

    Being a muslim I cant take wine. Please suggest an alternate.

    1. Naheed Siddiqui says:

      Is there any option for wine it is forbidden in my religion. Thanks.

      1. marc says:

        Find a religion that will allow you to drink it.

        1. Nauman says:

          Hey MArk, i have a question….Had your religion prohibited an any any thing at all for you??? Don’t you feel like living a life of a animal. Good for you suits you well!

          1. ricsam says:

            ….what is coming inside the mouth will not defile any person’s spirit.

            Cigarette is more dangerous than wine,….one reason why the word HYPOCRITES was invented.

            ” If your religion promotes killing non-believers, beating women, punishing rape victims or selling your daughters as wives at 12….You’re not praying to the GOD above;…you are praying and kissing the one below.”

          2. margaret says:

            use vinegar and our savior Christ does not believe in killing people who do not believe in him…never wrote it in a book and by the way Mohammad forbid his oral teachings to be written down ever…500 years after he died his words and possible some ruler at the time words were put down in writing. Think about that..a little wine in moderation or a non believers head on a stick..we all choose our gods and our devils…

        2. Sharon says:

          Great answer, Marc!

          Here’s a suggestion: This prayer is guaranteed to get you to heaven if you say it out loud:

          “Jesus, I know that You are the Son of God, and I need You to come into my life.”

        3. Miki says:

          Well spoken Marc. You speak for all the normal people.

        4. Linda says:

          Marc, you must be as shallow as an empty glass of wine.

      2. Darbi says:

        Use green tea instead.

    2. Jim says:

      Try Christianity, or Atheism. They allow wine.

      1. Neelam says:

        Jim christianity prohanit wine

        1. Anna says:

          Christianity does not prohibit wine. It prohibits the excessive use of wine that will lead to being drunk. Christ turned water into wine at a wedding.

          1. Taka says:

            you mean “… at HIS wedding”, anna.

      2. Sandra says:

        Why are you being so rude?

    3. apple cider is alternate of wine and garlic give better result in apple cider .

      1. August says:

        Apple Cider? Or Apple Cider Vinegar? Seems like the vinegar would be a better option.

    4. Copeland says:

      ..A S A..Peace be unto you
      In our country we teach tolerance of religion and ideas.. so in light of the fact that you do not drink WINE and BTW so do many Christians TOO.. Do not apologise…

      Lets establish that the “wine” it really is an acidic volume carrier, a solution for the GARLIC to ferment in
      Now in our great country we make the worlds best WINE from Grapes and VINEGAR is also made from grapes ….
      And I suggest that a mix of Grape vinegar and water to mix and the Garlic cloves allowed should produce excellent results .. .

      To all the smart alecs Out their ..As Christians we say “Our redeemer Lives..”. Well thats cool but Please allow some space in your world for people who DO NOT believe in Christianity… Members of Islamic Faith Those who worship Buddha, millions of peace loving Hindu folk and a million other faiths
      SO cut me and Kamal some slack and answer the QUestion(re the recipe in stead of Judgeing and Saving the bloody world everytime..

      1. Karla says:

        Nicely said. The comments to Kamal weren’t very Christian like in my book.

    5. MJ says:

      Maybe a vinegar might do the drink? Apple cider vinegar maybe?

    6. Anja says:

      You can do it with grape juice or alcohol free wine!

    7. logan says:

      grapefruit or cranberry juice both contain antioxidants and a comparable composition to wine to not contradict your Muslim practices.

  2. MarK says:

    What kind of wine to use to do this tincture?

  3. Jennifer says:

    Does it matter what kind of wine? Red, white? cooking wine?

    1. joshua says:

      Never use cooking wine….if it’s not good enough to drink, it’s not good enough to cook with. I think with the garlic I would use a dry white wine like pinot grigio

  4. Brandie says:

    I just cannot stop myself—– Jesus Christ the son of God turned water into wine and one of his followers suggested the use of wine to make one’s heart merry and to settle the stomach . Maybe you need to try the recipe and get a new religion……

    1. Christina says:

      Kamal and Naheed, My apologies for the intolerant comments of others posted here. As a person in recovery, I would also like to know if there is an alternative to wine, such as olive oil, which is also known to have health benefits.

      1. Sayed says:

        Pure vinegar made from grapes is the alternative which is allowed in all religions and also vinegar has an effective role in burning fats.

  5. Agnositc says:

    Well we all are agnostic.

    Muslim you can try wine, you always have the option of asking for forgiveness for losing fat.

    1. anon says:

      so its ok to say…..commit adultery and then ask forgiveness?????

      1. Edith444 says:

        Yup. Lots of xtians and muslims do it ALL the f*ing time. My BIL is a jehovah’s witness and goes off every weekend to see his honey. He’s been married 30 years and is filing for divorce when it will be convenient (i.e. when he retires in spring). That way he will be shunned after he moves to be with her. But it’s still not OK to celebrate xmas or birthdays.

  6. lolo says:

    or eat less…or stay fat…or do sports.

  7. rdphe says:

    To Kamal try nonalcoholic wine. If that is not allowed try good quality grape juice. To all the rest giving Kamal attitude shame on you for discouraging some one from trying to enjoy a healthy drink. Grow up.

    1. Marianne Hart says:

      I agree completely … GROW UP! Inappropriate!

  8. anon says:

    My God…are u guys for real??? who the hell do you think u r to tell someone else to change their religion just becoz ur perspectives dont match…wud u say that to a jew????? to change their religion becoz they eat kosher…disgusting individuals….

  9. John says:

    I am glad there are some nice people here like @Rdphe, @Anon & @Christina. I wish there were more people like you. Thanks for being awesome!

    The people who answered the question that was not even asked, need to have a little respect and nobody asked your opinion on their religion, if you have nothing good to add to the conversation that beter not say anything!!

    And like @Rdphe said there are non-alcoholic red wines which according to recent research seem to be healthier than their non-alcoholic counterparts (search google: “Study: Red Wine Is Healthier When It’s Non-Alcoholic (Sorry)”)

  10. Krystal says:

    Many Christians do not see wine as fermented since the Bible specifies and translates the instant wine mentioned as “fine fruit juice” and said nothing about it being left to ferment. Then the strong version of wine (fermented) is indeed mentioned when warned against, “Beware of strong wine.” So many Christians do not partake of strong wine – fermented, AKA alcohol.
    It’s sad that several of you are being so rude to someone who asked about an alternative to the alcohol suggested. Why would he want to change to any “religion” that is represented by arrogance and cruelty? True Christianity doesn’t reflect those ugly actions either, but it’s more than a religion or a practice, it is a lifestyle. #GodIsLove
    Well wishes to everyone trying to better their health. <3

    1. joshua says:

      Passover is in spring….the grape harvest in Isreal is in July and August. Do you think they had 1st century refrigerators to keep it from fermenting?? NO, fermenting was a way of preserving the juice. If they were drinking grape juice in April, it was 12-14 ABV.

    2. Alexander Davis says:

      Actually the “strong wine” vs whatever the non-“strong” wine is referred to is actually just the strength/concentration.

      Back in the day almost all cultures would daily drink either weak beer, or diluted wine as their daily and primary fluid intake.

      This “strong wine” is referring to undiluted wine, whereas usually in the time of Christ and earlier, wine would generally be drunk watered down to a much weaker percentage, apart from for evenings and special occasions etc…. (unless you were a Greek philosopher, then they would partake in “strong wine” whenever participating in philosophical discourse in the symposium.

  11. Cali says:

    Do we need to keep the filtered wine refrigerated?

    1. Alexander Davis says:

      Probably not as garlic is a powerful antibacterial agent and should prevent any onset of mold and such. Can’t say 100% though, might be better to leave it in the fridge if it’s convenient, if not you shouldn’t worry about leaving it indoors for a few weeks or a month or 2.

  12. Ivan says:

    You don’t need to follow the concoction “recipe” at all. Just do it like it was meant to be done: eat garlic and drink wine. Not necessarily at the same time, of course. 🙂

  13. I only like sweet wine ^_^ says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a sweet red wine? I’ve tried a few and I guess my idea of ‘sweet’ is higher than what really counts as sweet in the wine word. For example I really enjoy certain brands of Moscato and Stella Rosa Rosso. Hmmm Stella Rosa is low alcohol, I wonder if it will still have the same effect in this recipe….

    1. Jo says:

      Mogen David, Maneshevitz (sp)

  14. Bonnie says:

    I don’t drink alcohol, but think that red wine vinegar or as mentioned previously, apple cider vinegar would be good. May just try this!

  15. einnel d. says:

    red wine with 4% alcohol is okay to use it with the 12 cloves of garlic.It can’t make you drunk for you only take 1 teaspoon of it 3x a day, so no need to worry of.

  16. Terewa says:

    I was wondering how or why this mixture of garlic and wine works? Or does anyone have a website they could refer me to that could explain..I was just curious.

  17. Clemer says:

    The instructions call for filtering the mix and pouring into a glass bowl. Once filtered do you pour back into a clean jar? Is the mix suppose to stay in the bowl, and is it to continue sitting out or in the refrigerator or in an open bowl on the cabinet?


    thats a so silly arguement about drinking or not wine, i am sure no body will go to hell bcos he drinks quarter of red wine with 122 clove of garlic and will be process for 15 days to e converted in a remedy to loose weight. i was an alcoholic nany years ago and i will do this remedy for my, i dont think bcos i hv God in my heart that deinking this remedy i will become an alcoholic agai. What a stupid discusion

  19. logan says:

    try grapefruit or cranberry juice. Pay no mind to the ignorant statements above that fall short of tolerance and intellect.

  20. Moris says:

    Great comments, but do respect others religions and belief. When it comes to health, there is absolutely no barrier that matters! For instance, can someone in real need for blood have options to test from which religion the blood donor is????? We need to be flexible at some point…
    My question would be rather, who did experienced this formula and what are the results please.
    Many Thanks!

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